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Zipline Canopy Tours Costa Rica

Zipline Canopy- The Only Way to Fly Through Costa Rica

Canopy TourThere are many ways to see Costa Rica’s rainforest – by boat, by ATV, by car, on horseback, or on your own two feet. However, nothing compares to seeing the country’s dense foliage and beautiful wildlife from high up in the trees, or flying through the air through a tropical paradise.

Just a few minutes outside of Los Sueños, in picturesque Jaco Beach, you’ll find one of the country’s highest and most exciting ziplining destinations. Vista Los Sueños Canopy Zip Line Tour offers an adrenaline-filled trip through some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery. You don’t need to worry about transportation – they will drive you to and from and take you back to Los Sueños.

The tour is set on 80 acres of lush land, half of which is protected by the Costa Rican government. The entire trip takes about 2 hours. It begins on the ground, in a specialized tractor that slowly winds its way up the mountain, providing stellar views of the surrounding lands and the Pacific Ocean. The trip up takes about 15 minutes. Once you reach the top of the mountain, the real fun begins!

The professional, very friendly, and very knowledgeable staff at Vista Los Sueños will explain everything you need to know about safely operating the zipline. They’ll also take the time to get to know you, and help allay any concerns you might have.

You’ll head back down to the ground through a series of ziplines, each of which ends at a platform that features a different view of the rainforest canopy. There are 14 platforms and 12 lines, which stretch over two miles.

The ride down from the mountain is thrilling, and if you keep your eyes open, you may be lucky enough to spot a scarlet macaw or a white-faced monkey. You’ll also be treated                  to incredible views of Herradura Bay, Nicoya Island and the rainforest floor.

While the idea of whizzing through the trees may seem a little unnerving to some, it’s actually very safe. Largely due to the helpful reassurance of the guides, even children and those afraid of heights have noted after their trip that were put very much at ease, and would do the tour again.

Before going on your ziplining tour, make sure that you wear light clothes and tennis shoes, and that you remember to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses. It’s best to leave your camera behind. Vista Los Sueños will provide you with a CD of professional photographs from your trip.  










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