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Working with a Real Estate Broker in Costa Rica

A good Real Estate Broker will Help You find Your Dream Vacation Home in Costa Rica

When you are looking in Costa Rica for the vacation home of your dreams, or the retirement home you have always wanted, look to HRG to find a great real estate broker.

That’s what I did when I purchased my vacation home in Los Sueños and I was very happy with the results. I knew the area that I wanted to purchase in, but I didn’t have the time to do all of the searching myself.

I made the decision to retire in Costa Rica on a trip that I made about ten years ago. I had gone on a business trip to the Los Sueños Resort and Marina and saw the potential for growth there. I knew that Los Sueños Resort and Marina would be a profitable place to spend my retirement, so I invested in a vacation condo. Since then, I remarried and with my marriage came whole bunch of grandchildren. It’s a wonderful turn of events in my life and I am very happy to have the need for a larger retirement home; my existing condo will be great for additional rental income.

When I go back to search for my new retirement home, I will follow the same steps to choose my broker that I did the first time:

  • Find a broker with experience. Nothing can substitute for a broker who has learned tips and tricks of the trade over the years.
  • Find a flexible agent. You want an agent who will be flexible in negotiations, flexible with his hours to accommodate your schedule, and flexible enough to do things the way that you need them to be done.
  • Find an agent with great recommendations. The quality of a word of mouth referral from someone who has had a good experience with your prospective agent will save you a lot of time.
  • Find an agent who will meet you outside the office. Great real estate agents don’t spend much time at a desk.
  • Be sure you agent is tech savvy. If your agent isn’t online able you are in for a bumpy ride. You want an agent who is knowledgeable in current properties and up to date technology.
  • Find an agent with balance. You don’t want an agent that is so busy that he shorts you on time needed to find a quality property and broker the best possible deal. You also don’t want an agent who has too much time on his hands as this indicates that he isn’t selling many houses and may not have much experience. Use your discretion on this one, a newer agent may not necessarily be a bad choice as a he or she will likely to be hungry for business and to work hard for a customer who will highly recommend him to friends and family.
  • Be sure your agent knows the area. An agent who lives nearby his selling area will be sure to know the local values and inventory. This can prove an invaluable tool to have.

This last tip was the clincher for me when I bought a condo inside of the Los Sueños Resort. My broker at HRG Realty lived in the area and helped me find a great vacation condo; I know the retirement home he helps me locate will be just as perfect and big enough for all of my new family to come visit.

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