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Working Vacation Los Sueños, Costa Rica

Los Sueños… Where Work Becomes a Pleasure

man ralaxing and use tablet at beachWork is . . . work. But that does not mean you have to stay cooped up in an office, get stuck commuting in the snow, or stare at the same scenery day after day. Why not take a break from it all and indulge in a working vacation?

This is a great option for writers, graphic artists and other freelancers, as they can have some respite from the everyday and do their work somewhere that’s beautiful and inspiring. After all, if they can work from home (or from Starbucks), they can work from anywhere. And traveling to somewhere amazing may even help boost their creativity and motivation.

Working remotely has also increasingly become an option for those of many different kinds of professions, from consultants, to accountants, to business owners. Rather than decreasing productivity, as was once the fear among companies, allowing professionals to work outside the office has been shown to increase productivity. It has also been shown to improve work/home balance and increase satisfaction. What’s more, it saves gas, eliminates long commutes and reduces distractions. Those professionals who have the option of working for their companies remotely can also benefit from a working vacation in paradise.

There’s also the option of taking the whole office out for a small corporate getaway. This can help them relax, unwind, build relationships, and engage in some skill and trust-building activities, which can lead to more productivity, better teamwork, and more overall job happiness.

With balmy temperatures year-round, stunning tropical landscapes, and almost endless exciting things to do, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to take a working vacation. And Los Sueños Resort is one of the best places in the country to stay during that vacation. You can work as you sit on your private balcony, sipping wine and dining on food catered by one of the resort’s restaurants. Or you can take your computer down to the beach and soak up some sun.

For those moments when you’re not working (and If you work remotely, you get to choose when those are) you can indulge in a heavenly treatment at the resort’s five-star spa, get in a round of golf at its world-class golf course, or lounge by the pool and do nothing at all. There are also many fantastic opportunities for adventure in the Los Sueños area, from ziplining, to crocodile watching tours, to ATV trips.

Los Sueños is great for corporate getaways and team building, as well. Whether you want to create a reality show themed event, a scavenger hunt in the rainforest, or a competitive hiking, fishing, or surfing challenge, there’s a way to arrange it.



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