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Why Los Sueños Resort is a Great Investment


You can’t go wrong by investing in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica


After nearly 18 years of working in real estate and private lending across Costa Rica I keep coming back to Los Sueños for my most highly recommended place for real estate investment and ownership.  There are several reasons, which make it such a great place for my investment dollars. What is the top reason that make a place a good investment? “Exclusivity.”

For several reasons, Los Sueños is an exclusive and unique destination that cannot, and will not, be reproduced in Costa Rica.

100% titled property

Costa Rica is a very small country (fits inside of West Virginia) and, as I talked about in earlier blogs, over 90% of the coast is government concession. I think its safe to say that no major investment group would commit hundreds of millions of dollars in a beachfront non-titled property situation.  All real estate sales in Los Sueños are fee simple title up to the 50-meter line, making it incredibly valuable and unique beachfront property

Location, location, location

Los Sueños Resort is the closest beach resort to San Jose and the Central Valley, where 90% of the country’s 4 million residents live.  It is the ideal (and for some the only) place to own a weekend vacation home, as families can get their kids out of school and be at the beach by dinner time…. weekend hotel and condo guests provide for the resort to sustain 10 restaurant options year round.

World Class Marina

There is little doubt that Los Sueños Marina offers the best off shore fishing on the planet…not to mention the calm waters.

Golf in the rain forest

Los Sueños Resort’s own La Iguana Golf Course provides for an incredibly unique setting to golf in a beautiful rain forest.

Master Plan and Infrastructure 

The Master Plan that was the first put in to action by Bill Royster’s vision was done perfectly from the beginning.  Very seldom do you see infrastructure that is so perfectly thought out and put together.  I began working with Royster and his team in 1998 and I still remember the day I saw the Master Plan on paper for the first time.  He mailed (we did not have email back then!) a sales package to my house in Texas in 1997 prior to me ever seeing the resort and I remember looking at the master plan on 8.5 x 11 brochure.  I was so young at the time that I did not think much of it, but the reason it became so significant to me is I was able to see a cattle ranch turn in to exactly what the vision and master plan was set out to be.  Bill Royster and his team hardly changed one location of one development property because it was done right the first time; they stayed with their plan and never deviated.  To this day that plan is the backbone of the resort’s success.  An interesting note on the master plan…Bill Royster was a developer in California prior to his “Tico” life and while he was there he did some work with a land planner in California named Fernando Quiros.  Fernando was Costa Rican and moved back to Costa Rica about the same time Bill did and they ended up working together to put together the land plan for the resort.


The tag line for the resort is “visions of man successfully joined with nature.”  While many may look at the resort and think that it could be an issue for the environment, the careful planning and infrastructure that goes in to this development gives it a lower environmental impact than most small neighborhoods in the country.  Los Sueños has a state of the art sewage treatment plant and 100% potable drinking water systems, both which come with backup generators to keep the inflows and outflows moving in the case that power is lost.  Los Sueños does not depend on the government to maintain roads or infrastructure.  Bill Royster and his team created the community to exist into perpetuity by bringing the same home owner association structure from their communities in California.  The home owners Los Sueños Marriott, Marina, and undeveloped properties all pay their share for maintenance fees in the community and fund ample reserves for reconstruction of everything from sewage and drainage, to roofing, and paint on the buildings.  Just take a drive through the resort to see how well the property is maintained.

Sense of community

The tight knit expat community blends well with the national owners at Los Sueños Resort and there is terrific a sense of community and camaraderie around sport fishing, golf, and civic welfare. With plenty of community activities, holiday events, and a small town vibe, Los Sueños always feels like home.

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