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Why Green Season is Perfect in Costa Rica

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5 Reasons why green season may be the best season to visit Costa Rica

Because Costa Rica is warm and green year-round, many people assume that it has one long, single season – summer. The fact is, while the country’s proximity to the equator keeps the temperature stable and warm, there are two distinct seasons that dramatically change the weather and – in some cases – the landscape.

The dry season, which lasts from mid-November through May, brings dry weather, continuous sunshine and some of the most pleasant temperatures to Costa Rica. The wet season, which lasts from May through November, brings heavy rains, warm temperatures and humidity- though more often than not, it is sunny at least half of the day, if not during all daylight hours, with the rain coming only at night.

The dry season is the most popular season for tourists, and with good reason. The skies are clear, the weather is beautiful, and people can enjoy the outdoors from dawn ‘til dusk. This is when the country’s most colorful festivals take place, and when hotels and restaurants swell with visitors.

It is easy on the surface to say that the dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica. However, there are many reasons why the wet season can be an even better time to make the trip.

Fewer Crowds

In some coastal areas during the green season, hotels are sparsely populated, restaurants are nearly empty, national parks are uncrowded, and beaches are secluded and quiet. If your idea of a good time is having some private time to relax, this is the time to visit.

Less Expensive

Hotels, vacation villa rentals, rental condos, restaurants, and shops are more expensive during the high season. As the season winds down, so do rates and prices. Come during the wet season, and you’ll have many places competing for your business, which can mean great deals for you. You may also find yourself with some great bargaining power.

Beautiful Scenery

Costa Rica may be green all year, but everything truly comes alive during the wet season. The landscape is transformed, and brilliant flora and fauna makes an appearance in even the driest regions.

Exciting Activities

Swelling rivers, rising ocean swells, and clear seas make the wet season a perfect time for whitewater rafting, surfing the Pacific, and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Unique Wildlife-Watching

The rainy season is the best time to catch one of Costa Rica’s most endearing sights – nesting sea turtles, patiently digging out nests, and baby turtles, bravely headed out to sea.

The green season does see rain almost daily, so outdoor activities should be planned for morning and early afternoon. Roads frequently get washed out, so travel can become difficult if you don’t have a 4-wheel vehicle. However, if you can brave the elements you’ll have an adventure that’s decidedly more rugged and exciting, and see a side of Costa Rica that few others can lay claim to.

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