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Vacation Home Prices in Costa Rica Vs United States

The Cost of Vacation Homes in Costa Rica Vs. The Cost of Vacation Homes in the United States Goes Beyond Price And Value is the Bonus!

Costa Rica is a unique tropical destination with so much to do that it would take living here to discover it all. Similar destinations of tropical locations in the United States would be the Northwest (though a bit chilly) or the Southern tip of Florida. Both locations are tourist destinations with palm trees, clear blue waters and white sand beaches, plenty of humidly and a “green” season, much like Costa Rica.

Beachfront vacation homes and condos can be purchased in the United States for anywhere between $300,000 to $12,000,000 depending on which area you are purchasing in, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you are looking for, the square footage of the home or condo, and the amenities that come with the property.  Property prices in place like Siesta Key, Florida have risen astronomically in the past 10 to 15 years. The average high rise condo that isn’t even on the beach has risen in cost from $175,000  in the late 90s, to over $800,000 today.

These Florida vacation homes are in tourist areas that do have some vacation activities available such as boating, sport fishing, jet-skiing and swimming. The on-ground activities, though, are limited in comparison to Costa Rica’s adventure tours, and activities, because the environment is limited to mostly flat land. Florida, like much of the beach property in the US, has become overly populated and covered in cement. Lots of sidewalks, roads, and parking lots in comparison to the relatively untouched green mountains, rainforests and beaches one can enjoy in Costa Rica.

What makes Costa Rica unique is the biodiversity of its wildlife and their habitats. Where else in the world can you drive an hour from the cool misty mountains and end up on a sun swept, black sand tropical beach? The rich bounty of nature’s flora and fauna in Costa Rica is unrivaled in most parts of the world. Although Costa Rica takes up not even one percent of the world’s area, it holds more than 4% of the world’s flora and fauna species. That is an incredible ratio.

When you purchase property from the Hardy Real Estate Group, you will find properties ranging in price from brand new condominium apartments averaging around $450,000 to spacious five bedroom homes complete with swimming pools and open air living rooms that average in price around just $2,000,000.

On the higher end of the Costa Rican price spectrum, coming in at just $3,100,000 ( just a fraction of the higher priced Floridian properties) is the Villa Firenze. The Villa Firenze was inspired by the architecture of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. This gorgeous, Mediterranean style villa is custom built and a full 9,300 sq ft. The grandeur of the open air living space with 20 foot ceilings and marble columns that walks out to a brilliant blue lighted pool protected by a roof extending from the main house is just an incredible sight. All of the house’s main rooms gather at a central focal point that is marked by an indoor fountain surrounded by gorgeous greenery making it a welcoming Oasis.

The gourmet kitchen, living room, dining room, two bedrooms and the charming, yet educational library are all located on the first floor of the Villa. Two more bedrooms are located on the second floor. The second floor balcony overlooks richly furnished living room and is lined with arched wood framed Mediterranean style windows. The rotunda ceiling in the dining room lends a soft romantic light to those eating there with the glow of the chandelier’s lamps reflected from it. The master bedroom is rectangular in shape and one side of the rectangle is all glass looking out into the fertile rainforest foliage.

You will never forget the sights and sounds of Costa Rica. Come visit us and see why purchasing a vacation home here is a decision you will always congratulate yourself for.

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