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Traveling with Teens in Costa Rica

Our Recent Trip to Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica was Perfect for a Family Vacation Full of Teenagers.

Guest post by Sean T.

Teen_vacationMy kids love to travel and Costa Rica was perfect for us.  I am thankful that I have been able to take them on annual vacations for many years. My children have turned into teenagers and with each passing year they seem to acquire stronger tastes for adventure. It can be hard to keep up with their appetite for the spectacular, especially with how the internet gives them windows to the world that I never had as a child or teenager.

My kids are very health and eco-conscious. They love to go on vacations to places that are still relatively untouched, hoping to discover some new species of plant or animal. On one of her Google searches my daughter came up with Costa Rica’s pristine green mountains, waterfalls, and black sand beaches. She told her 2 siblings about it and they insisted that Costa Rica be this year’s vacation destination. I told them that if they did the research and could come up with a plan within our budget’s limitations, we would go on their eco-adventure.

They were super excited and began researching right away. Los Sueños Resort and Marina was their favorite resort. They had me sold on the fact that you could vacation in luxury, as well as get your daily massage and golf in on a championship course. They loved the gourmet kitchens in the resort’s rented condos where we could cook fresh fish from the local market in and the adventure hikes and tours we could take into the pristine wilderness. My oldest son went golfing with me and enjoyed hearing all of the wildlife throughout the day. The golf course was designed by Ted Robinson himself! That alone excited me. My son was more interested in the multi-colored toucans, scarlet macaws, monkeys, and the three-toed sloth he spied just off the side of Hole 9’s green.

My daughter wanted to take a zipline tour through the jungle. She and her brother went with my wife while I and my oldest son took to the greens. All three of them came back full of excitement about the amazing beauty of the rainforest, the freedom of zipping through the air, and the exotic sights of wild tapirs in the foliage below and scarlet macaws gliding above them.

Los Sueños has a Beach Club on the property that was a great place for my teens to meet others their age. They met new friends, played volleyball on the beach, laid out in the tropical sun on the poolside white sand beach, and worked out in the resort’s gym together. My wife and I took advantage of the alone time to get a couples’ massage at the beautiful Sibo Rainforest Spa and Retreat. The heated stone massage was like no other I have experienced.

My kids love to cook. On one of our vacation evenings they used the well laid out kitchen to make us a typical Costa Rican dish from a recipe they’d gotten from one of the locals. It was delicious. The kids also loved the fact that the property management staff cleaned up for them the next day. Most evenings we did not cook. It’s vacation time after all! I think we tried every restaurant in the resort, from the casual bar setting to the finest of gourmet dining. One night we had beers and local fish at the bar while watching an international soccer game with the family. My wife and I had a ‘date night’ at the Lanterna Ristorante Italiano. Her favorite cuisine is Italian and that place did not disappoint. I believe it was a 5 star place!

All in all, we had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. There was plenty of variety and each member of the family got to do something that they liked.

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