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Travel Apps for Costa Rica

App Your Trip with the Perfect Travel Apps for Costa Rica

Human hand mobile colorful Travel UI apps flat icons.Taking a trip to Costa Rica has become increasingly easier thanks to technology. You can research every aspect your trip from afar, get any number of reviews on every activity that you want to do, take virtual tours of resorts, and book plane tickets and hotel reservations right from the comfort of home.

So, technology is great for planning your trip. But what about arriving, getting around, and seeing the sights?

There are apps for that!

Fortunately for traveling technophiles, there are a number of apps designed to make visiting a foreign place much easier. And fortunately for those who love to visit Costa Rica, there are apps specific to this Central American hot spot that do everything from help out with local idioms and phrases, to finding activities, to staying on course as you travel.

Here are five of the best apps to use when traveling in Costa Rica:

Frommer’s Costa Rica Day by Day

Frommer’s may just be one of the world’s best-known and most trusted travel sources, and now they have an iPhone app dedicated exclusively to traveling in Costa Rica. With information researched by a long-time Costa Rica resident, this app is truly comprehensive, offering interactive full-color maps, zoomable full-color photos, and recommendations for everything from lodging, to night life, to activities for every budget.

Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida!

Created by Sutro Media, Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida! is very user-friendly and provides tons of insider tips for getting the most out of Costa Rica. It offers something for every type of traveler, from wildlife watchers, to foodies, to adrenaline junkies, as well as 3000 photos of the country’s best sites.

Costa Rica Travel – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has become a go-to resource for travel information and reviews, and their travel guidebook apps have earned praise from industry critics. Six guidebook authors have lent their expertise to the Lonely Planet Costa Rica app, which can guide you to the best activities, lodging and restaurants. It’s best feature? Zoom-able maps that work both on and offline.

PocketBook CR

This app offers more than just maps and travel information – it offers safety and security in a foreign place. At the touch of a screen, you’ll have access to embassies and consulates, hospitals and pharmacies, the police, and emergency phone numbers.

Costa Rica Trip Ideas

With numerous helpful suggestions from a seasoned traveler who has spent a great deal of time both visiting and living in Costa Rica, this app helps you dream up, plan and enjoy your Costa Rica vacation. Not only does it cover everything from seaside lodgings to jungle adventures, it offers 16 fully detailed trip ideas, which are crafted to appeal to travelers of all kinds and helpfully organized by both theme and trip length.

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