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Top Things to Do in Costa Rica: Canopy Tours

Arenal Hanging Bridges park of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Lush With Tropic Rain Forest Canopies to Explore

Tropical Rain Forest Canopy TramCosta Rica is home to some of the world’s most lush and beautiful rain forests, cloud forests and dry forests. Seeing the majesty of these jungle canopies from the ground is a bucket-list worthy adventure in and of itself. However, seeing them up-close and personal, with a birds-eye view of the forest floor, is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There really isn’t anything like soaring through the Costa Rican greenery on a zip line, and in Costa Rica, there are plenty of zip line adventures to be had.
If you have never been on a zip line, you may not know what to expect. The idea may at first seem like something meant only for intrepid thrill-seekers, and most certainly only for adults. However, while zip lining is exciting, and it does take you high into the trees, it is completely safe, and is a perfectly suitable family adventure.
Most zip lines are set in trees or on mountainsides. Visitors climb up to a platform, settle into a harness, and zip down toward a lower platform on a strong, sturdy steel cable. The cables are fastened into thick, strong trees, some of which have stood for hundreds of years. Some zip lines have a long series of platforms, and some feature canopy bridges that cross scenic gorges, waterfalls or rivers.
Zip lining is very safe. Zip lines in Costa Rica are commercially run, uphold safety standards, and have guides who will walk you through the process. While children can zip line alongside their parents and grandparents, there is typically a minimum age or height requirement, which may vary from company to company. There may also be some weight and size requirements.
Sky Trek
With locations in the serene and ethereal Monteverde Cloud Forest and the dramatic Arenal Rainforest, Sky Trek takes visitors on a dramatic 2 or 2 1/2-hour tour through the lush Costa Rican canopy. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, and visitors have an option to zip line or ride the tram.
Featuring 1200 acres of virgin forest, this zip line tour takes you through the pristine flora and fauna from 18 different platforms. The end of the tour features a “Tarzan Swing,” which allows you to swing over the forest floor.
Canopy Safari
Canopy Safari is one of Costa Rica’s very best canopy tour options. It features 18 platforms, 10 zip lines and a Tarzan swing, as well as a butterfly garden, a serpentarium, and a charming fishing pond.
When you head out for your zip lining adventure, be sure to wear long pants, closed-toed shoes and sunscreen. Safety equipment, including helmets, will be provided for you onsite. Be sure to check hours of operation, and be aware of any deposits or reservations that may need to be made, especially during the busy dry season.

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