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The Adrenaline Rush of Sportfishing

Sport fishing is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have ever experienced.

Guest blog post by Sam D.

Since turning 60 I have been in search of having as much fun as physically possible. Retirement from work does not mean retiring from life. For me, retirement means leaving the harsh work-a-day world behind to enjoy the spoils that those mind and back-breaking years of hard mental and physical labor yielded. I have been sky-diving, spelunking and rock climbing. I stay fit running and lifting weights for the triathlons I participate in four times a year. So when I say that sport fishing is an adrenaline rush, you’d better believe it!

Let me tell you about the most exciting day we had. I spent a couple of days previous to this out on charter boats cruising from island to island and relaxing on secluded beaches for the day. I’d seen whales spouting from a distance and it was all so luxurious and beautiful. I was well-rested and ready to do some fighting; fighting fish on the reel. I packed my sunscreen, fishermen’s hat and my Nikon camera and headed down to the marina.  The captain and his crew had all of the fishing gear we would need to catch some ocean giants and I was more than ready. I loved that the lunch was part of the deal, including snacks, fruit and beer. You have to have beer on a day trip like this!

We set off from Los Suenos Marina in Hurradurra Bay and headed out to the open water. I would see the fish in the coral reefs some other day. That day I was after some of the big ones. My wish list included a sailfish and a blue marlin. We had no luck with my wish list for the first few hours and I began to get disappointed. The captain told me not to get too worried, that these waters are so plentiful we’d be sure to catch at least two out of three on my list.

It wasn’t too long after that that one of the other fishing passengers on the boat started yelling. I looked out in the direction in which he was pointing and sure enough, about 50 feet away, there was a fin rising up from the water. The sailfish jumped into the air, followed by another sailfish, and then another! The sun caught the rivulets of water streaming down their sails making them gleam like rivers of diamonds. We kept trolling a little faster now to keep up with these majestic creatures and then we threw out our lines. The fish that I set hook to must have weighed one hundred pounds! It leaped into the air again and again like a dog trying to yank free of its chain. Eventually it tired of the fight and I reeled it in just long enough to take a picture with my prize and set it free again.

I was still basking in the beauty of that fish when we caught sight of a blue marlin in the distance. This time the fish practically came to us. But the fight was nothing like the one that the sailfish put up. Marlins are very powerful fish that can easily approach 600 pounds. I’m lucky that the one that I set hook to was just half that. But in comparison with the sailfish, this beast was insane! Before it was over, I was worn out and had to hand my rod and reel over to the pros on the boat. They pulled it in the rest of the way and I got to take a picture with this gorgeous champion of the sea before letting it go back into the wild. What a day!

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