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Girl’s Getaway in Los Sueños, Costa Rica

girls making self portrait on the beach

My Recent Girl’s Getaway to Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

 Guest Post by Celina A.

Sometimes you just need to get away and take your girlfriends with you. A friend of mine once gave me a little business card size note once that said, “If you ever run away, take me with you!” I left that card in my wallet for years because it meant a lot to me.

One day, I decided to take her up on it. I’d had a crazy year at my job. My employers were piling 3 people’s work onto my plate and I knew it was the same with my co-workers. It was time for a well-deserved break! I called my sister, and the friend who’d given me that card, and said; “I’m running away for a whole two weeks! Come with me!”

I had searched around online for different places, but one of the most relaxing and luxurious choices that really stood out to me was the Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Costa Rica. The beautiful green mountains against a blue sky as a backdrop and the blue waters with light pink, or even black, sand drew me and I told the girls, “Let’s go to Costa Rica!”

Los Sueños is situated on the central Pacific of Costa Rica. A master planned community, there is a marina, a beach club, a golf course and a small “village” of shops and restaurants. Never a dull moment, there is plenty to do within the resort, and outside- well, lets just say the adventure never stops. Between river rafting, zip-line canopy tours, horseback riding and surfing, the days seemingly flew by.

A typical day at Los Sueños Resort began when we woke up in our rented three-bedroom condo and grabbed some fresh local fruit from the refrigerator to enjoy while we sipped rich Costa Rican coffee on our balcony as the sun rose. The awesome staff at HRG Properties and Rentals even pre-stocked our refrigerator with local foods and gourmet goodies from Jimmy T’s gourmet shop for us before we arrived!

Now I’m not a sailor or a fisherman, but I do love to eat fresh fish and I’d heard the sport fishing out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina is amazing! So, we booked a day of fishing in advance. Wow. What a day of adventure, and there are really no words sufficient to describe the meal we enjoyed that night in our condo, prepared, of course by the private chef we hired through HRG.

One day we felt like relaxing and playing a round of golf. Let me tell you, the golf course at Los Sueños Resort is one of a kind, with all the wildlife joining in the fun. My girlfriends and I enjoyed an 18-hole game on a gorgeous course that runs next to the rainforest and is flanked on the other side by the ocean. What amazing views! Although we got nowhere near the 72-par mark, the fact that we played on a championship course designed by Ted Robinson is something to brag about. The unique and colorful animals of the rainforest gave us even more wonderful sights to see and sounds to hear while we played.

After golfing, we all treated ourselves to a massage. Upon request, the HRG Concierge Team sent over three therapists, so after our massages we didn’t have to go anywhere; we just lounged around in our robes and drank wine. Costa Rican culture promotes the phrase, “Pura Vida”, which means, “pure lIfe”. The spa therapists that HRG works with base their treatments with this in mind and it works! I’d never had a rainforest massage before that and I’d love another.

If you are planning a “Girls Only” retreat, take a look at Los Sueños Resort. We loved it and I know you would to!

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10 Days of Delight: Your Ultimate Trip to Costa Rica

Make your trip to Costa Rica count

To help you make the most out of your trip to Costa Rica, we’ve created this travel guide that can promise you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.Costa Rica is a popular vacation destination with its wide array of environmental and cultural attractions.  As you plan your vacation, be sure to check out the premier luxury Los Sueños Resort, featuring a spa, championship golf course, gorgeous views of the ocean and marina, and more!


10 Days of Delight: Your Ultimate Trip to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Spanish for Getting Around

Spanish Beach

Speak Like the Natives: Spanish Words and Phrases to Help You Navigate Costa Rica


Traveling to Costa Rica as a non-Spanish speaker isn’t terribly difficult, as many people in Costa Rica do speak English. However, if you want to ingratiate yourself with the locals, understand a little of what they’re saying, and navigate a little more comfortably, learning a few key words and phrases can help you out immensely.


A “universal Spanish” does exist. However, because of differences in location and culture, most Latin countries have their own unique words and colloquialisms, which don’t either don’t translate at all or mean something very different in other countries. While the following words and phrases are in Spanish, some of them are unique to Costa Rica, so don’t try to use them elsewhere!



Means “hello” or “hi,” in both formal and informal settings

Mucho Gusto (moo-cho goos-toe)

Pleased to meet you

Que tal (ke tal)

An informal and friendly way of saying “how’s it going.”

Como estas (coh-moh es-tahs)

A slightly more formal “how are you.”

Estoy bien (es-toy bee-en)

I’m well/fine

Buenos Dias (bwen-ohs dee-ahs)

Good morning (or good day)

Buenas Tardes (bwen-ahs tar-dehs)

Good afternoon

Buenas Noches (bwen-ahs no-chase)

Good evening (or good night)

Hasta luego (ah-stah loo-eh-go)

See you later!

Hasta Manana (ah-stah man-ya-nah)

See you tomorrow!

Adios (ah-dee-ohs)

This is a more proper/formal way of saying goodbye, but it’s fine to use in informal settings.

Chao (pronounced chow)

This is used in much of Central and South America, and is a friendly and informal way of saying goodbye. Much like saying “see ya!” rather than “goodbye.”

Local Colloquialisms

Idiay (pronounced Ee-dee-ay)

This is unique to Costa Rica, and means “hi, how’s it going?”

Tico/Tica (pronounced Tee-Co/Tee-Ca)

“Tico” is a Costa Rican word for a Costa Rican man. “A” is used at the end of words to feminize them, so “Tica” refers to a Costa Rican woman.


A  man/woman with light hair or eyes

Chepe (che-peh)

This is Costa Rican slang for the city of San Jose.

Tuanis (too-ah-nees)

This means “cool,” or “nice.”

Pura Vida (poo-rah vee-dah)

This means “pure life” or “full of life” technically, but in Costa Rica it means something along the lines of “perfect, couldn’t be better.”

Common Useful Words and Phrases

Perdoname (pehr-doe-nah-meh)

Excuse me (pardon me)

Disculpe (Dees-cool-peh)

I’m sorry

Cuanto (quan-toh)

How much, or how many.

Donde esta (pronounced (don-day es-tah)

This means “where is . . . “



Dinero (dee-neh-ro)


Banyo (bahn-yo)


Abierto (ah-bee-air-toh)


Cerrado (say-rah-doh)


Por Favor (por fah-vor)


Gracias (grah-see-ahs)

Thank you

Hablas Ingles (ah-blas een-gles)

Do you speak English?

No Hablo Espanol (no ah-bloh es-pan-yol)

I don’t speak Spanish

Entiendo (en-tee-en-do)

I understand.  (No entiendo is “I don’t understand”)

Tipico/Tipica (tee-pee-coh/tee-pee-cah)

This means native, as referred to to food, clothing, or other items. “Comida tipica,” for example, means local cuisine, prepared in the common, traditional manner.  This is a useful word if you’re shopping for locally-made items or looking to try authentic local cuisine.

Important Words to Know

Peligro (pronounced peh-lee-gro)

This means danger. You are more likely to see it on a sign that hear it said. However, someone might tell you that something is “peligroso,” which means it’s dangerous.

Cuidado (pronounced (quee-dah-do)

This means to be careful.

Ojo (pronounced o-ho)

While technically this word means eye, it’s also a common Spanish way of saying “look out.”

Salida (sah-lee-dah)


If you need additional help, a translation app is always useful. Google Translate is one of the most highly rated,  and iTranslate is one of the most simple and efficient.

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Tax Season Vacation in Costa Rica

sunset on the beach of caribbean sea

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Tax Return on Vacation in Costa Rica

It is tax season once again, and if you played your cards right, you may have some extra refund money burning a hole in your pocket. There is no better place to treat yourself to a well-earned vacation than Costa Rica. Here are our top five ways to spend your tax refund money in paradise:


Costa Rica offers every possible type of dining experience, from five-star restaurants headed by renowned chefs, to “sodas” – the Costa Rican version of diners – offering cheap, yet delicious, local fare. Dine on fresh seafood in El Galeon right in the Los Sueños Resort, have sushi in an upscale hot spot like Tsunami Sushi in Jaco, or enjoy bar snacks and an ice-cold beer in a popular local pub like The Hookup.


Costa Rica has every kind of accommodation you can imagine, but why not live it up for a few days? Costa Rica’s luxury resorts, such as the popular Los Sueños Resort & Marina, offer luxurious condos overlooking the ocean and rainforest, as well as lavish villas with private pools and extravagant amenities. With so many added perks, including concierge service, private chefs, and in-room massages, why would you ever choose to stay in a regular hotel?


If you have been dreaming of using your refund cash to get in some great golfing, why not do so in paradise? Costa Rica offers some of the worlds most exciting and challenging courses, in what is arguably some of the world’s most beautiful natural settings. Our favorite, of course, is La Iguana Golf Course, an 18-hole championship course designed by Ted Robinson. Hit the links seaside, or against the backdrop of the rainforest. You can even catch sight of exotic wildlife on the golf course. Look out for capuchin monkeys – they have been known to steal golf balls!

Outdoor Adventures

As you might imagine, Costa Rica is a playground for the adventurous, and for those who love the outdoors. There is practically no end to the fun to be had, so you can try out some great activities. Take surf lessons, go ziplining in one of the local zipline tours, or take a horseback ride across the beach or through the rainforest. Rappel into a canyon, drive through the jungle on an ATV, or take a guided tour through some of Costa Rica’s most pristine natural settings.


You have worked hard all year. Why not come to Costa Rica to relax and indulge yourself? Head out for a sunset cruise, or charter a boat and take an exciting fishing trip out on the open sea. Head out for a night of salsa and cocktails at the local after-hours hot spot. Or stay in, and treat yourself to a massage and some indulgent beauty treatments at Sibu Spa, one of Costa Rica’s finest and most luxurious pampering spots.

Whatever you choose to do on your trip, you will definitely find spending a few days in paradise to be money well spent.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Costa Rica

green road sign Costa Rica

The Reasons to Visit Costa Rica are Practically Endless, but We’ve got at Least 10 to Introduce to You Now…


Costa Rica Natural Diversity CollageThis tropical slice of paradise is the perfect place to honeymoon, get away from the everyday, spend a week or two reuniting with friends or family, or even set up residence long term.

There is something for everyone in Costa Rica. Adventurers will love the abundance of thrilling outdoor activities. Romantics will love the beautiful secluded spots tucked away in the country’s mountains, jungles and beaches. And nature lovers will thrill at the exquisite landscapes and the incredible array of wildlife and flora and fauna.

Costa Rica has it all. It is a natural wonderland, featuring towering mountains, active volcanoes, dense, vibrant jungles and beaches of every type. It offers an incredible cultural experience – the people are warm and friendly, and you can expect great food, lively music, and a fun, welcoming atmosphere pretty much everywhere you go.

The nightlife in Costa Rica is all but legendary. Costa Ricans know how to party – from night clubs, to dance clubs, to bars and pubs, this is the perfect place for someone looking to dance the night away, blow off some steam, or just get away from it all.

The weather in Costa Rica is warm and balmy year round. It is especially beautiful and pleasant in November, December and January, making it the perfect place to avoid the chill of northern climes.

Costa Rica has an abundance of dining, shopping and sightseeing options. Whether you want to experience the big city, take in the slow pace of a coastal town, dine at a five-star restaurant, or shop for handmade treasures to take back home, you can find what you are looking for here.

There are also wonderful places to stay in Costa Rica. There is no need to skimp on the amenities – resorts like the popular Los Sueños offer luxury accommodations, as well as fine dining, golf, private beaches, massages, spa treatments, and more.

The activities in Costa Rica are endless – from surfing, to ziplining, to deep sea diving, to simply relaxing on the beach, there is enough to fill up your days for your next vacation, and many more to come.

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring everything that is best about a trip to Costa Rica, as we count down our top ten reasons to visit.

Journey with us through our fair country, as we take you from mountains, to beaches, to jungles and cloud forests, all to bring you the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Soar with us through the rainforest canopy, surf with us through some of the world’s best waves, and join us in learning about some of the world’s most intriguing wildlife. You will learn some fascinating facts about our culture, our natural wonders, and our exciting adventure opportunities, and be inspired to spend a while getting to know Costa Rica better. Stay tuned!

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Countdown to Christmas: Last minute Escape to Costa Rica

Christmas hat on a beach

What Could be Better Than to Wow Them With an Escape to Costa Rica?

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and there is no time like the present to take advantage of special holiday escape deals with HRG.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of December? Sick of giving and getting the same old gifts? Why not try something different this year? Wow your family, your significant other or your friends with a last minute surprise trip to Costa Rica!

bowling_ball_giftCheck out our last minute holiday deals now and start planning your vacation today.

With so much to do and see in Costa Rica, you can hardly go wrong with an amazing gift like this- plus, it’s truly the bowling ball gift of all time (you may remember Homer’s famous bowling ball gift to Marge on the Simpsons), as not only is it one you’ll enjoy too, but its one that keeps on giving with the amazing memories you will create.




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5 Most Thrilling Things to Do in Costa Rica


Costa Rica Offers Thrilling Adventures in Paradise

An adventurer’s paradise, Costa Rica is full of thrilling opportunities for the intrepid traveler. Whether it is ziplining through the rainforest, or fishing for the big one in the crystal blue waters off the coast, you’ll find no shortage of exciting things to experience here.

Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs

Costa Rica’s best known volcano, Arenal was one of the most active in the world until 2010. While eruptions have for the most part ceased, Arenal remains a stunningly beautiful, symmetrical conical volcano worth a visit. The Arenal area also boasts lakes, white-water rafting excursions, and hiking trails complete with hanging bridges and gorgeous views. No visit to Arenal would be complete without a dip in the Tabacon Hot Springs, a completely natural, geothermal gem surrounded by lush rainforests.

Zipline Canopy Tour

Ziplining remains one of the most popular adventure activities in Costa Rica, and with good reason. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of soaring through the rainforest canopy alone, with nothing but breathtaking views of the flora and fauna all around you. Tours can be found almost anywhere in the country, but those located in the Arenal and Monteverde regions are especially popular.

White-water Rafting

From gently floating down calm rivers, to fast and exciting white-water adventures, Costa Rica’s rivers offer boat, kayak, and canoe opportunities for all experience levels. For a real heart-pounder, arrange a rafting trip with one of the many guided water tours that can take you over the rapids and rappelling down waterfalls. You’ll also see areas of the jungle untouched and rarely visited while on the water, a big, and increasingly uncommon, treat.

Deep Sea Fishing

The coast off of Los Sueños offers some of the best fishing in the world. Boats wait to take you to top deep sea fishing locations teeming with marlin, sailfish, tuna and more. Local captains who know the best spots will guide you on a chartered sport fishing adventure you’ll long remember. Check out the latest fishing reports for some current local fishing conditions and news.

ATV Tours

To really experience all that the mountains and jungles of Costa Rica offer, there’s no better way than on an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV. Whether you’re on a smooth beach or braving a muddy, jungle trail, these four-wheeled vehicles give you the freedom of a motorcycle with the ability for off-road adventuring.

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A Must-See Guide to Costa Rica’s Capital, San José

Mountain meadows

Los Sueños is Just Over an Hour Outside of San Jose- There is Much to See and Do in Costa Rica’s Capital

Depositphotos_18871429_sIf you are interested in a great Central American vacation, Costa Rica’s capital city, San José, is the perfect choice. Combining the best of civilization with old-world charm, all a stone’s throw from a lush tropical rainforest environment, San José has a little something for everyone. Take a look at few of the must-see spots in the Costa Rican capital below.

Historic Sites

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica: To really get an understanding of the history of the Costa Rican people, spend an afternoon perusing the artifacts here. The museum is located in the historic Bellavista Fortress, the army headquarters throughout the 1948 civil war. The evidence of war can still be seen in small and large dents in the building from artillery. However, after the civil war ended, Costa Rica abolished its army, and remains one of the few nations without a standing army to this day. Some of the most interesting pieces include pre-Columbian artifacts from archeological digs, the pen used by President José Figueres Ferrer when he signed the nation’s constitution in 1949, and period furniture from when the fortress was used for private residences.

Catedral Metropolitana: Located just east of the Parque Central, this Renaissance-style cathedral features neoclassic architecture, Spanish-tile floors, and more stained-glass windows than you can count. The cathedral was actually rebuilt in 1871 following a massive earthquake and features handmade Christ figures throughout the sanctuary from around the world. The cathedral is a breathtaking sight for both the devout and non-practicing alike.

Barrio Amon: Spend some time living the good life by checking out this affluent community of the 19th and 20th centuries, where coffee growers’ mansions still stand guard. There isn’t just one leading architectural design here; you will see a sampling of many techniques, including art-deco and Victorian structures. Not all of the mansions are still residences today, though. Many have been converted to multi-purpose buildings that house restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail stores—making it a great place to wander, stop in, and take pictures.

Places to Eat

La Esquina de Buenos Aires: The old-world Spanish style of this restaurant is reason enough to stop in—and the delicious cuisine is an added bonus. Argentinian influence can be spotted in much of San José culture, making this restaurant a good fit for the Costa Rican city. La Esquina de Buenos Aires is best known for its steak dinners, served with a glass of Malbec. There are other options too, including homemade pastas and empanadas. Enjoy a glass of South American wine by candlelight while the familiar tune of a tango hums quietly in the background.

Mercado Central: If you are looking for an inexpensive meal during your day of touring San José, be sure to wander to Mercado Central. There is something to meet the tastes of everyone in your party, from ceviche to sugar cookies to cinnamon frozen custard. Where else can you find fresh seafood available next to a tamale stand? If you are looking for a variety of the best food that San José has to offer in one spot, Mercado Central should definitely be on your list.

Restaurante Grano de Oro: If you are looking for a fine dining experience, the upscale Restaurante Grano de Oro is a great place to make reservations. It offers the best of Costa Rican fusion cuisine, from caramelized figs to seared duck to coffee-marinated pork loin. There is also a full wine list with local and global selections, and a unique dessert menu that infuses the best of Costa Rican decadence for an after-dinner treat.

Recreational Activities

If you want to stay in the San José city limits:

Tropical Bungee: For the thrill seekers, this daily plunge off the towering and scenic Río Colorado Bridge in Grecia is a vacation must-do.

Salón Los Patines: If you’re interested in a blast from the past, spend a few hours roller skating at this 1970s-style rink. Located just east of the rotunda in San Pedro, you can integrate it with an afternoon of sightseeing or make a night of it, complete with disco music playing in the background.

Barrio Bird Walking Tour: These tours give you a ground-level view of the city of San José from a historical and fun perspective. You can choose the type of tour based on your interests, whether you want to see architecture, drink a few glasses of wine, or visit the best urban art spaces in the city.

Some of Costa Rica’s best recreational activities are just a few hours from San José. If you are interested in a day trip outside the city, give these spots a try:

Volcano Visiting: If you are willing to venture out of San José for the day, be sure to take advantage of the country’s vast volcanic areas. Costa Rica is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and has 200 volcanic formations that go back 65 million years. Only five of these volcanoes are classified as active today, but the others are still spectacular to see. Spend a day trekking up the summit of the most accessible volcano, Poás Volcano, where you can see a vivid turquoise sulfuric lake in the crater on a clear day. The Irazu Volcano is also known for its breathtaking panoramic views of the country. Climbers can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on a clear day from the top.

Canopy tours: Another great day-trip outside of San José is provided by the ever-popular canopy tours, which make use of ziplines to repel through the Costa Rican rainforests. There are many places you can sign up for these tours, but the most scenic are in Monteverde or Arenal (though both are a half-day drive, so you may want to make plans to stay overnight). In addition to the zipline options, there are also many bridges and skyways that allow admiration of the diverse landscape on foot.

Scuba diving: The marine life of Costa Rica’s coasts is some of the most diverse in the world. Sign up for a scuba diving tour to really immerse yourself in this whole new world lurking just below the surface. Some of the best places for marine life visibility include Playa Ocotal, Playa Hermosa, and Playas del Coco, where it is not uncommon to see sharks, manta rays, and other brightly colored tropical fish.


With so many wonderful things to do in San José, we hope you have at least a week here! Even better if you can experience a little of all that Costa Rica has to offer by venturing out beyond the city’s borders for a true taste of true pura vida.



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Costa Rica Flora & Fauna

Costa Rica’s Amazing Abundance of Flora and Fauna

While many places around the word offer nature lovers stunning forest, mountain or desert landscapes to explore, few have the vibrance, color and diversity of the tiny country of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica may be small, but it’s one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Sandwiched between North and South America, species from both continents converge in this subtropical space. What’s more, a warm, humid subtropical climate and heavy seasonal rainfall make for rich soil, in which all manner of spectacular and colorful trees, flowers and plants grow.

For the intrepid nature-lover, Costa Rica features 26 protected forests, 20 national parks, 9 forest reserves, 8 wildlife refuges and 7 wildlife sanctuaries, making it perfect for thrilling eco tours. These types of tours are available across the country, and welcome enthusiastic explorers year round.

Some animals to look out for on an eco tour include:


There are 205 species of mammals in Costa Rica, ranging from familiar critters like monkeys, dolphins, raccoons, deer and bats, to exotic and unusual species like the jaguarondi, the peccary, and the smiling, slow-moving sloth.


There are nearly 900 species of birds in Costa Rica, some of which are permanent residents, and some of which are merely passing through on their way south during their migration. From brown robins, to feisty seagulls, to graceful wading birds, there are countless opportunities for bird watching in Costa Rica. If you look closely, you may even catch a glimpse of a charming and colorful quetzal or an iconic toucan or scarlet macaw.

Amphibians and Reptiles

There are about 150 amphibian species and 200 reptile species in Costa Rica. Favorites of wildlife watchers include brightly colored poison dart frogs; charming marine turtles, which nest on local shores and can be seen laying eggs almost year round; and fearsome crocodiles, which if you’re brave enough — can be seen up close on Costa Rica’s crocodile tours.

Costa Rica has the highest diversity of plants in the world. Some must-sees include:


There are around 1900 species of trees in Costa Rica. The iconic coconut palms that stud the beaches are certainly graceful, but the real gems are the many hundreds of trees that make up the rainforest canopy. Especially worth seeing are the 200-foot tall ceiba trees, and the milk trees, which have brilliant reddish-orange roots.


Costa Rica features a vast array of flowering plants, ferns, and mosses. Some of the most beautiful and exotic include orchids, bromeliads, air plants, and – perhaps most captivating of all – brightly colored heliconia.


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Costa Rica Adventure Tours

How to Make the Most out of Your Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Canopy TourThere are hundreds of exciting things to do in Costa Rica, and adventure tours are one of the best ways to experience this vibrant country. From crocodile watching, to ziplining through the jungle canopy, to white water rafting, there are tours offering the perfect activity for everyone. That said, the choices can be overwhelming, and the tours can be rugged. We’ve come up with some ways to make sure you get the most out of your tours while you’re here.

Make a Plan

Long before your feet ever touch Costa Rican soil, you should have a well thought-out adventure plan in place. First, research the types of tours available. Next, prioritize the types of tours you would most like to take. Create a loose schedule, with your highest preferences planned earliest on in your vacation, and a working budget, with the idea that you’ll spend most on the highest priority activities. This way, if time or money run out, you’ll have done what you most wanted to do. Have a plan B ready for inclement weather, or anything else that might come up.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve sketched out a plan and decided what tours you’d like to take, it’s time to research the finer points of your choices, and fine-tune your schedule and budget accordingly. Google the different companies offering your preferred tours. Read reviews of other travelers to find out if the tour is what you envision. To avoid unpleasant surprises, find out what days and times tours operate and exactly what they cost, and research any and all refund policies, required deposits, and guest restrictions. Then, finalize your plan according to your research.

Don’t Overdo It

Costa Rican adventure tours are exhilarating, thrilling, and some of the most fun you’ll ever have. But all the excitement can be a little exhausting. Make sure to plan some downtime, whether it’s walking on the beach, relaxing at a swim-up bar, or visiting a first-class spa.

Be Prepared

The last thing you need is to show up for your adventure tour with the wrong shoes, or to get a world-class sunburn because you didn’t pack the right amount of sunscreen. Do a thorough packing job, taking care to prepare for bad weather, bugs, and sun and heat exposure. Find out what your tours encompass in terms of type of terrain to determine what footwear would be best. Costa Rica has a range of different climates depending on elevation and location, so don’t assume that shorts and a T-short will work for any adventure; light layers are always best. Also, find out what each tour will provide in terms of food and hydration, and plan accordingly.

Relax and Enjoy

With a solid plan in place and all your bases covered, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy. And, if something doesn’t go according to plan, remember to roll with the punches. You’re out for an adventure, anyways, and in Costa Rica, another great one is waiting right around the corner.

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