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Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the Environment, and My Eye Opening Experience at Los Sueños

Guest Post by Mark C.

red-eyed-tree-frog-costa-ricaEco-Tourism is the latest trend among travelers who consider the environment one of our top priorities and Costa Rica is a number one destination. People are realizing that the over-consumption of natural resources and the practices used to provide for it, are harming our world and the other species that live on it. I hadn’t really given much thought to the rainforest or exotic species of animals before my trip to Costa Rica. Everyone has heard of endangered species, but when you live in a city, everything is concrete, and the only animals you experience are locked in cages in a zoo, you don’t feel all that connected to the world’s quickly diminishing, ecology rich places. They truly feel like they are extinct already. Or they did for me until I took the trip that permanently changed my views on our resources.

Costa Rica is well known for its still pristine beauty and incomparable biodiversity. Although it has attracted tourists because of this, responsible ecotourism companies are offering eco-travel that reduces tourist’s impact in order to keep it safe and to allow people like myself to experience the richness of how the world used to be and could be again if we, as beings who consume more than we need, would change our practices.

Costa Rica’s name belies its beauty. Costa Rica means Rich Coast. This rich mountainous country is home to almost five percent of the world’s flora and fauna species. This is staggering when you realize that it only makes up 0.25 percent of the world’s land mass.

Costa Rica’s large system of national parks serves to protect the abundance of rich wildlife and flora, while allowing visitors to tread lightly and still experience the beauty. Many of the tourist activities offered in Costa Rica are in harmony with the wildlife. You get the opportunity to bird watch at natural parks, hike through rainforests under 100 foot tall canopy trees draped in hanging vines, even take a boat ride to observe the river life up close. Those crocodiles can be  pretty impressive up-close!

I wish I could describe the wonders that I never knew existed. That trip made an indelible mark on my soul and caused me to begin fund raising in my own local community as soon as I returned. You might think that eco-travel requires staying in a place with no running water and an outside toilet. I am happy to say I found this not to be the case. During the times we were not up close and personal with nature we were indulging ourselves at our home base for the trip the luxurious Los Sueños Resort. It was located on the beach and we got to cook our own food in one the most well-equipped kitchens I have ever had while on vacation. The pristine clean and comfort we experienced at Los Sueños was thoroughly enjoyed by my whole family. I want to take my grandkids someday. Taking a trip to Costa Rica combines education, relaxation and a renewing of your passion for life’s amazing natural beauty.