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Costa Rica Fishing Report December 2013

Costa Rica Fishing Report December 20, 2013

As Reported By Adventure Tours Costa Rica

1497759_758983167448952_1738613601_nThis year, Costa Rica fishing out of the Los Sueños Marina for both October and November has been absolutely incredible. We have had extremely high numbers of Mahi-mahi (Dorado), and these acrobatic fighters have been consistently weighing in at 20-50 pounds all green season. While trolling the coast line we have come across schools as large as several hundred of these delicious fish hiding behind floating wood and other flotsam. On average, we’ve hauled in between 2 and 4 each day.

Excited for the big game sailfish peak season to begin in January and carry on straight through to April. We expect numbers this year to be consistently high and predict between 20 and 30 bites as the season picks up. These championship fish are already biting on average between 5 and ten times per day, so this peak season promises to be a great one for the anglers.

While mahi mahi and sailfish have been strong and are just getting stronger, the real stars of the Costa Rica fishing have ben our fantastic numbers of marlin. Throughout November and December, striped and Blue Marlin have been making their presence known. We have been averaging a marlin per trip, sometimes even pulling in 2 on one trip. The large populations of Bonita and Yellow Fins have provided us with an excellent source of live bait, but getting these fish past the ample supply of hungry mahi mahi has proven challenging.

Yellow fin tuna peach season is typically between May and October but there have been a few stragglers around during the past few weeks. We have had some luck finding them near pods of spotted dolphins and flocks of birds offshore. Right out of the gate last week we pulled in one weighing over 90 lbs.


Inshore, Rooster Fish have been harder to find throughout November. We expect improved numbers by late December and predict an excellent showing through January until October. Making up for the lack of Roosters have been a great numbers of small yellow fin tuna, medium sized wahoo, amberjack, jack and snapper.

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Fishing Report Early December

Fishing Report last week November first days December

By Sharon Mora

From Friday Nov 29 to this past Monday December 2 HOO’S YOUR DADDY caught 2 blue marlin, more than twenty sailfish, a good size Tuna, and an abundance of dorado.

fishing Blog DEC 5

Capt. Michael Alligood from REAL INTENSE ADVENTURES, caught a blue marlin, 4 sailfish and a bunch of Mahi Mahi; all you could want for dinner, as well as lots of 20 to 30 pound Dorado on November 25. Capitan Michael mentioned that they were so many Mahi Mahi they had to get away from them. On November 27 they caught a striped marlin, 8 sailfish, 1 Mahi, 1 weehoo, and a bunch of bonitos. He also said that the weather is getting really nice, starting to transition into high season. On November 28 they caught 1 blue marlin, 5 sailfish, 2 Mahi and this past Friday, November 29, they had a slower day, catching only a couple of Mahi Mahi.

This past Sunday December 1st I received a report that a boat out of the Marina of Quepos caught 30 sailfish in just one day of fishing!

Finally, Captain Bubba Carter from TIJERATA  let us know that, “The fishing in Los Sueños has been really good here recently, the striped marlin are here in force. Some boats getting six and eight bites a day and enough blues and sails to make grand slams a daily event but the kicker is the 35- to 45-pound Mahi Mahi are so thick that after every boat has caught a dozen are more they just start pulling teasers for marlin. They are as thick as they have ever been and the weather is beautiful, just some rain in the afternoon.”

From these reports, it sounds like its time for some sport fishing. Now is the season to get down to Costa Rica and bend those rods on some marlin and big dorado.

Man…We LOVE to fish.









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Fishing Tournaments in Costa Rica

Sport Fishing Tournaments Are Held in Costa Rica Each Year

 And the Fishing is Phenomenal!

Costa Rica is known internationally for its rich coastal and deep-sea marine wildlife. Sport fishermen from around the globe come to the international tournaments. Local tournaments are held by Ticos (local residents of Costa Rica) as well. The fishing never slows down. Catches are consistent throughout the year allowing tournaments to be held consistently as well.

The Los Suenos Signature Billfish Series, was held in January and March for the 10th year in a row. This Signature Series Tournament is held in two parts; both from the Los Sueños Resort and Marina and both are exclusively catch and release.

The World Billfish Series (WBS) as well as the International Game Fish Association have sanctioned this tournament. This means that anglers who have competed in the Los Sueños Billfish Series are enrolled automatically in the WBS and have the option of competing in the Pacific Rim Division for points.

The target species for the Los Sueños Signature Billfish Series are all species of marlin as well as Pacific sailfish. Marlins are the greater point-catch, bringing in a full 500 points, while the sailfish bring in just 100 points.

The entry fee for this tournament has been $7,000* per boat per tournament. You can save by entering both tournaments at once, bringing your cost down considerably per boat for the Series. With your entry fee you’ll receive seven social tickets to the tournament events, T-shirts and caps for your anglers and crew, and four angler bags. Your boat is then qualified to win cash prizes and trophies.

In March 2013, the Billfish Foundation and The Presidential Challenge of Costa Rica was held in Samara, Costa Rica. This tournament was in its 17th year in 2013. You will be part of the fish conservation movement when entering this annual tournament. The entry fee was $2,900* per team consisting of three anglers this year. A fourth angler could be entered for an additional $500*. The entry fee generally includes ground transfers, a gala awards dinner, and cocktail parties, T-shirts for the crew, a captain’s bag and more. Tournament observers pay a $300* observer fee to offset their costs of lodging and travel.
The Los Suenos Marlin Invitational. This tournament will be held December fourth through the seventh as a qualifying event for the IFGA Offshore World Championship. It is a local tournament held exclusively for residents of the Los Sueños Community as well as their friends and family. This will be the 6th year that this qualifier has been held.

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is the perfect place to stay while sport fishing. The luxurious accommodations will pamper you after a long day in the hot sun. Whether you are staying in the Marriott Hotel or one of the many rental condominiums available here, you will have many dining and relaxation options to choose from. You can really work up an appetite while fishing for catch as big as you will find in the Costa Rican waters. Choose from our many eating establishments that offer a variety of food themes. We offer gourmet dining such as our Bambu sushi and Asian cuisine, traditional Italian cuisine, and Latin American flavours. We also offer more casual eateries like The Hook Up Bar and Restaurant, The Terrace Lounge and Dolce Vita Coffee and Sweets.

Schedule a relaxing massage to ease your tired muscles at the Marriott’s Sabo Rainforest Spa. However you spend your evening hours, be prepared for some of the best sport fishing in the world during your tournament days here in Costa Rica!

* Note: entry fees are prize winnings are listed as per past amounts. These numbers do no necessarily reflect next year’s tournament entry fees or prizes.