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Sport Fishing Report Los Sueños Costa Rica March 2015


Epic pre-fishing day on the Sea Angel


We’re just a few days away from the beginning of the last Leg of the Los Sueños Triple Crown Billfish Series annual fishing tournament, and the fishing teams are getting ready to give their best during this last chance to take the crown.  Some boats have already started their pre- fishing practice.

I was lucky enough to get out on the Sea Angel on their second day of pre-fishing. I got really excited when I got the invitation, as I’ve recently heard some really good reports of clients and friends that got over 60 bites per day.

We decided on an early 6:00Am start, and the first thing I noticed when we were out was the massive number of birds in the air above us. We started getting consistent bites throughout the morning, but the craziness started after 12 noon, when we were  getting 4 or 5 bites at a time. It was an amazing feeling to see that everyone in the boat that had a fish hooked on his or her road, and this happened more the once!

I’ll never forget- at one point when we were in the middle of a “fivesome”, Sea Angel first mate Nolan Raunswinter looked over at me incredulously, as if to say, “this is for real?”

In that moment I realized that if a person like Nolan, who has more than 15 years working on fishing boats, were reacting like that, it was because we were having an EPIC day of fishing.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon,Captain BC Angel told us that we would need just 6 more bites so we could beat the boat’s previous record of 76 sailfish in one day. I was thrilled to be able to be part of the experience.

James and Nolan looked at the bait left and told us that everyone needed to give 100% in order to have enough bait to get the job done. A few minutes after that we got a triple, and Shelby (who, by the way, was only on her 4th ever fishing trip) released the last fish for a total 82 sailfish in. We’d done it. The bite was still on and we really wanted to keep fishing but it was getting dark so we had to head back to shore.

There where other boats fishing near us and having just as exciting time as we were. I heard later that Howard Lynch from the Tuna Bite how got around 80 bites that same day.

What an amazing fishing season we are having so far and the fishing down here in Los Sueños, Costa Rica just keeps getting better and better. We are so lucky to be part of this and we are all looking forward to the tournament starting later this week on March 25.


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Fishing Report August 2014

Team XTASEA First Place

Exciting News in From the XIII Flor de Cana Tournament (August 14- 16th)

Fishing report by Sharon Mora 

TEAM SEA ANGELThis past week was the XIII Flor de Cana Fishing Tournament held out in the Marina Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua.

The Flor de Cana is well known as one of most fun tournaments in the area. And this edition broke all records as there were 616 fish released; average of 38.5 fish released per boat that participated.

Some of our friends and boats of Los Sueños Marina participated and did an awesome job. In fact, teams from Los Sueños came in to place in the top 4 winning boats.


Here are the results of this tournament:

  • 1st XTA-SEA 78 SAILS
  • 2nd Sea Angel 62 sails 1 Blue Marlin
  • 3rd Rum Runner 52 sails 1 Blue Marlin
  • 4th Pelese 55 sails
  • 5th Tranquilo 55 sails
  • 6th Spirit of Mukul 46 sails  and 1 Blue Marlin
  • 7th Capt. Hook 40 sails  and 1 Blue Marlin
  • 8TH Finest Kind 38 sails
  • 9th Fortuna 34 sails
  • 10th Monique 33 sails
  • 11th Mis Peanuts 25 sails and   1 Blue Marilin
  • 12th Rumline 30 sails
  • 13th Showtime 27 sails
  • 14th Big Sugar 15 sails
  • 15th Guanaco 10 sails
  • 16th El Caba III 6 sails..


I want to give a special shout out and big congratulations to Captain John LaGrone , and  Anglers : Emilio Munkel, Alexis Chamorro and Julio Chamorro from The XTA- SEA as  they released 78 sail fish for a total of 7,800, wining the first place of the tournament. Well done guys!

Also I am very happy and proud to announce that the SEA ANGEL Fishing Team took the second place.  As always, Captain BC Angel did a great job along with his team Greg Angel, Austin Angel and Andrea Hoke.  They 62 sails and 1 Blue Marlin during the 3 days of fishing

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Johnnie Bankston from PELESE for taking the prize for best angler of the tournament.

Great job, everyone; tight lines! We are looking forward to seeing a repeat performance in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!



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Sailfish Los Sueños Costa Rica

Sail Fish Season Starting Late November for Los Sueños, Costa Rica

man holding sailfish on sport fishing boatThough sailfish are caught year round in Costa Rica, there are some “high seasons” for different areas around the country. Generally the favored months for fishing for sailfish off the Central Pacific region (Jaco, Manuel Antonio and the Osa Peninsula) are late November to April. The sailfish is so abundant during seasonal high that seeing the double-digit releases is pretty normal and its been known to happen that an angler gets two hooked at the same time.

Incredibly acrobatic and fast, the sailfish is a sport-fishing staple in Costa Rican waters. Once you get it hooked, the sailfish will spend a good deal of the fight above the water as you struggle to retain the tension on the line while he twists and turns in the air. Because of the excitement of this particular fight, the sailfish is the trophy goal of almost every angler out there.

The sail shaped dorsal fin distinctly marks the sailfish. This collapsible fin of the sailfish extends when the fish is swimming to help him appear larger to those that prey on him; his speed and narrow body help him out-maneuver many. Typically cobalt blue or navy, some sailfish also have spots or show stripes when they are hunting. Another member of the billfish group the upper jaw extends to around three times the length of his bottom jaw, which forms a spear that is used to stun fish when hunting.

Sailfish feed on small dorado, squid and other types of pelagic fish. Boasting impressively powerful speed, the fish uses its elongated upper jaw to stun its pray with powerful blows. Sailfish are able to swim up to 50 knots and typically live alone or in small groups of 2 or 3.

A great catch, the adult sailfish usually ranges from seven to ten feet long and juveniles can grow as much as four or five feet in a year. Sailfish usually weigh somewhere between 60 and 100lbs, but its pretty common to hook sails that exceed 100lbs in Costa Rica and actually, the world record for the biggest sailfish catch was 221lbs, and was caught in Costa Rica.

Most often found in warm tropical waters, sailfish generally are fished on the Pacific Ocean but they have also been found on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast and the gulf of Mexico. Typically sailfish are found in deep water past the continental shelf.


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