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Captain Dana Thomas talks to us about the fishing activity during June


“Floating logs, current lines, anywhere fish are concentrated, anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins per day”

 Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is considered one of the best destinations for fishing in the world. Captain Dana Thomas, owner-operator of Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat, talks to us about June’s fishing activity. Although he was not taking on too many trips due to some boat renovations, he tells us about the overall action.


He describes the seamount trips being great during the offseason, having excellent reports from other boats with double digit catches per day on blue and stripe marlin, yellow fin tuna and a few sailfish.   “Eight sailfish, a couple of marlin, some tuna and dorado on my last few trips”  He describes that the best location for excellent fishing grounds is finding floating logs, current lines, debris, and anywhere small fish are concentrated. Anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins, about 15 mahi mahi, and several yellow fin tunas per day. He says that the tuna has been steady this year where most days you are able to catch several of them; making a great year for tunas.

Expectations for July

Captain Dana predicts that the mahi mahi, also known as dolphin fish or dorado, will be filling in. With an increase on mahi and yellow fin tuna, the marlin are expected to follow, increasing the number of catch and release for blue and stripe marlin as well.  capt. Dana pic 1

Captain Dana to the left.  

Located off the Los Sueños Marina, Herradura, the Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat is a recognized 36ft Topaz Express. Usually leaving the dock at 7am, this open style vessel has A/C on the lower part of the boat and has the capacity to comfortably carry up to six anglers. Captain Dana and his operation are focused on giving high level customer service and a memorable fishing experience. You can special request food, drinks, and anything else you need to make your trip unforgettable! On a full day charter, the trip includes food, snacks, drinks, tackle, bait and all the of fishing equipment you need! They accommodate to all client-needs, they also offer half trip, trip to Tortuga Island and snorkeling. You can mix up your day and make the most of it!


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Sport Fishing Report Los Sueños Costa Rica March 2015


Epic pre-fishing day on the Sea Angel


We’re just a few days away from the beginning of the last Leg of the Los Sueños Triple Crown Billfish Series annual fishing tournament, and the fishing teams are getting ready to give their best during this last chance to take the crown.  Some boats have already started their pre- fishing practice.

I was lucky enough to get out on the Sea Angel on their second day of pre-fishing. I got really excited when I got the invitation, as I’ve recently heard some really good reports of clients and friends that got over 60 bites per day.

We decided on an early 6:00Am start, and the first thing I noticed when we were out was the massive number of birds in the air above us. We started getting consistent bites throughout the morning, but the craziness started after 12 noon, when we were  getting 4 or 5 bites at a time. It was an amazing feeling to see that everyone in the boat that had a fish hooked on his or her road, and this happened more the once!

I’ll never forget- at one point when we were in the middle of a “fivesome”, Sea Angel first mate Nolan Raunswinter looked over at me incredulously, as if to say, “this is for real?”

In that moment I realized that if a person like Nolan, who has more than 15 years working on fishing boats, were reacting like that, it was because we were having an EPIC day of fishing.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon,Captain BC Angel told us that we would need just 6 more bites so we could beat the boat’s previous record of 76 sailfish in one day. I was thrilled to be able to be part of the experience.

James and Nolan looked at the bait left and told us that everyone needed to give 100% in order to have enough bait to get the job done. A few minutes after that we got a triple, and Shelby (who, by the way, was only on her 4th ever fishing trip) released the last fish for a total 82 sailfish in. We’d done it. The bite was still on and we really wanted to keep fishing but it was getting dark so we had to head back to shore.

There where other boats fishing near us and having just as exciting time as we were. I heard later that Howard Lynch from the Tuna Bite how got around 80 bites that same day.

What an amazing fishing season we are having so far and the fishing down here in Los Sueños, Costa Rica just keeps getting better and better. We are so lucky to be part of this and we are all looking forward to the tournament starting later this week on March 25.


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Costa Rica’s Feature Fishing Areas

Sport Fishing_1

Sport Fishing is Plentiful in Costa Rican Waters with an Abundance of Feature Fishing Areas



The prime areas for sport fishing are some of Costa Rica’s main attractions.  The marine wildlife represents a rainbow of options to experience. From coastlines and coral reef dwellers to deep water ocean species, the fish vary in location, size, color and uniqueness. The amazing thing about the marine wildlife is that no matter what the time of year, you will always find many of the species available for great fishing.

The abundance and variety as well as the large size of most Costa Rican ocean species draw the most experienced anglers to the region. International sport fishing tournaments are held in a few choice locations in Costa Rica. Fishermen from all over the globe know that they will find a fight in the waters here worthy of their travel time. Sport fishing is a more humane type of fishing because for the most part, the fish are not eaten or kept out of the water for very long. They are put right back in to their natural habitat after the fishermen have had the fun of battling them and reeling them in.

The best places to fish, called the “feature fishing areas” are:

  • The ocean region reaching from the upper northwest corner of Costa Rica’s coastline at Salinas Bay to the Play Carrillo region about 240 miles south. In this area you will find a rich variety of fish to fight including the yellow fin tuna, the red snapper, the sailfish, the dorado fish, the swordfish, the marlin, the roosterfish, the tarpon and the snook.
  • Further south along the western coastline of Costa Rica near the party town of Jaco and further into the depths of the ocean you will find mackerel, dorado, red snapper, marlin, rooster fish, yellow fin tuna and sailfish.
  • At the southern tip of Costa Rica’s west coast you will find the wahoo, the snook, the roosterfish, the yellow fin tuna, the snapper, the dorado, the sailfish, the marlin, and the mackerel.
  • The eastern coastline of Costa Rica isn’t nearly as abundant as the western coastline when it comes to the variety of fish. In the ocean off the eastern coast between Limon and Cahuita at the southern tip of Costa Rica you will find dorado, mackerel and tarpon fish.
  • Just north along the eastern coastline is the last feature fishing area. Near the Tortuhuero area, the same three types of fish, the mackerel, tarpon, and dorado fish can be found.

Fish in the deeper ocean waters can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, a seemingly unrealistic number! On average fish in Costa Rica’s deeper waters weigh between 100 to 500 pounds. Still a very large catch! Roosterfish love to hide in among the coastal reefs as do many of the smaller species of fish.

Book a charter for the day or for a week for your sport fishing adventure. Many of the charter companies in Costa Rica boast captains with over 25 years of sport fishing experience. These captains hire themselves out to amateur and more experienced fishermen alike. If you are new to sport fishing, you will greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that these captains can share. Come to Costa Rica and visit some of the feature fishing areas and you will be bragging about your sport fishing experience for years to come!

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Fishing Report September 25, 2014

Fishing Blog September

Los Sueños Fishing Report for September, 2014


by Sharon Mora

Fishing blog september 2Here are some of the fishing reports of Los Sueños boats for September. Most of the boats went inshore fishing as they are waiting for the water to clear up, to do offshore fishing. Inshore fishing has been strong, especially for Rooster fishing.

September 8

Capitan Michael Alligood reported catching 5 small yellowfin tuna, lots of grouper and a couple nice silky snappers just 300-400 feet offshore

September 10

Captain Dana Thomas from  HOO’S YOUR DADDY  did some inshore fishing, and in just a half- day, caught  snapper rooster and some grouper


Septemeber 11

HOO’S YOUR DADDY released 6 roosters including the honeymooner’s double header, in a half day of inshore fishing. They also saw lots of whales migrating, which was exciting.


September 12

HOO’S YOUR DADDY caught some roosters, mackerel and lots of jack.


September 15

Captain Dana Thomas reported that inshore fishing still strong they released9 roosters and several jacks!


September 20, 21, 22

Finally, When Alexis Chamorro  heard about the  good reports of Billfishing in Guancaste he decided to take his boat down to Golfito, and during the long 3-day weekend of September 20, Team XTA  SEA released around 18 Sailfish , big size Mahi Mahi, and 7 Marlins; 2 of  those Marlin where over 600 pounds!!!




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Fishing Report April 17, 2014

Los Sueños Fishing Report for April 17, 2014

By Sharon Mora

Fishing out of Los Sueños Resort is still hot hot!!!

Fishing_rep_aprl_17Capt. Bubba Carter on board TIJERATA reported  that on April 11, they released 30 sailfish and on April 12, 16 for 28 sailfish in just a half-day of fishing.


On the 13th of April, 22 sailfish were released, and this past Wednesday April 16, they caught 30 out of 48 sailfish.
Capt. Dana Thomaz, on board the HOO’S YOUR DADDY reported on April 14 that they released 15 sailfish and on April 15 and 16, another 30 sailfish were released.
On April 12, David Finklestein owner of MISS BEHAVIN reported that in 5 days of fishing offshore from Los Sueños, they got a total of 95 sails, 3 blue marlin, and 2 dorados, each over 50 pounds.
Currently there are several boats fishing offshore and I hear that they are releasing around 12 blue Marlin per day…..
Can it get any better than this??!!

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Los Sueños Fishing Report December 2013

Fishing Season is off to a great start in Los Sueños Resort & Marina

By Sharon Mora

Fishing report dec 26Captain Bubba Carter on board of the TIJERETA reported:

December 21: ‘’12 for 15 sails 2 nice Mahi Mahi slick calm 85 degrees’’

December 22:’’11 for 23 on sails 1 for 2 on big Mahi Mahi the kids did a great job, three future anglers’’

December 23: ‘’We had good luck seeing them good luck getting them to bite and bad luck hooking them but all in all good fishing we went 10 for 24 on sails and jumped off a 400 pound Marlin for young Carter Bunk today , but he did catch a nice dolphin for dinner and three sail fish him self’’

December 24’’ They caught 15 for 19 sails on a slick calm beautiful day.’’

Captain Dana Thomas on board of HOO’S YOUR DAADY reported:

December 16 ‘’ Great to be back doing what we do, 11 sails, 1 Dorado and a little blue marlin’’

December 24’’ Great day inshore, Gavin is our 9 year old angler’’

Captain Michael Alligood  reported

December 9 ‘’Fished offshore and caught 2 mahi and 5 for 8 on sailfish

David Finkelstein on board of the MISS BEHAVING reported:

December  22  15 sails and 1 blue marlin.

Everybody is having a great fishing vacation over this holiday season. As Captain Bubba Carter said, ‘’this season, is off to a great start’ ’the weather is amazing and the ocean is calm. We are all looking forward toward 2014!!!




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Costa Rica Fishing Report December 2013

Costa Rica Fishing Report December 20, 2013

As Reported By Adventure Tours Costa Rica

1497759_758983167448952_1738613601_nThis year, Costa Rica fishing out of the Los Sueños Marina for both October and November has been absolutely incredible. We have had extremely high numbers of Mahi-mahi (Dorado), and these acrobatic fighters have been consistently weighing in at 20-50 pounds all green season. While trolling the coast line we have come across schools as large as several hundred of these delicious fish hiding behind floating wood and other flotsam. On average, we’ve hauled in between 2 and 4 each day.

Excited for the big game sailfish peak season to begin in January and carry on straight through to April. We expect numbers this year to be consistently high and predict between 20 and 30 bites as the season picks up. These championship fish are already biting on average between 5 and ten times per day, so this peak season promises to be a great one for the anglers.

While mahi mahi and sailfish have been strong and are just getting stronger, the real stars of the Costa Rica fishing have ben our fantastic numbers of marlin. Throughout November and December, striped and Blue Marlin have been making their presence known. We have been averaging a marlin per trip, sometimes even pulling in 2 on one trip. The large populations of Bonita and Yellow Fins have provided us with an excellent source of live bait, but getting these fish past the ample supply of hungry mahi mahi has proven challenging.

Yellow fin tuna peach season is typically between May and October but there have been a few stragglers around during the past few weeks. We have had some luck finding them near pods of spotted dolphins and flocks of birds offshore. Right out of the gate last week we pulled in one weighing over 90 lbs.


Inshore, Rooster Fish have been harder to find throughout November. We expect improved numbers by late December and predict an excellent showing through January until October. Making up for the lack of Roosters have been a great numbers of small yellow fin tuna, medium sized wahoo, amberjack, jack and snapper.

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Costa Rica Adventure Tours

How to Make the Most out of Your Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Canopy TourThere are hundreds of exciting things to do in Costa Rica, and adventure tours are one of the best ways to experience this vibrant country. From crocodile watching, to ziplining through the jungle canopy, to white water rafting, there are tours offering the perfect activity for everyone. That said, the choices can be overwhelming, and the tours can be rugged. We’ve come up with some ways to make sure you get the most out of your tours while you’re here.

Make a Plan

Long before your feet ever touch Costa Rican soil, you should have a well thought-out adventure plan in place. First, research the types of tours available. Next, prioritize the types of tours you would most like to take. Create a loose schedule, with your highest preferences planned earliest on in your vacation, and a working budget, with the idea that you’ll spend most on the highest priority activities. This way, if time or money run out, you’ll have done what you most wanted to do. Have a plan B ready for inclement weather, or anything else that might come up.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve sketched out a plan and decided what tours you’d like to take, it’s time to research the finer points of your choices, and fine-tune your schedule and budget accordingly. Google the different companies offering your preferred tours. Read reviews of other travelers to find out if the tour is what you envision. To avoid unpleasant surprises, find out what days and times tours operate and exactly what they cost, and research any and all refund policies, required deposits, and guest restrictions. Then, finalize your plan according to your research.

Don’t Overdo It

Costa Rican adventure tours are exhilarating, thrilling, and some of the most fun you’ll ever have. But all the excitement can be a little exhausting. Make sure to plan some downtime, whether it’s walking on the beach, relaxing at a swim-up bar, or visiting a first-class spa.

Be Prepared

The last thing you need is to show up for your adventure tour with the wrong shoes, or to get a world-class sunburn because you didn’t pack the right amount of sunscreen. Do a thorough packing job, taking care to prepare for bad weather, bugs, and sun and heat exposure. Find out what your tours encompass in terms of type of terrain to determine what footwear would be best. Costa Rica has a range of different climates depending on elevation and location, so don’t assume that shorts and a T-short will work for any adventure; light layers are always best. Also, find out what each tour will provide in terms of food and hydration, and plan accordingly.

Relax and Enjoy

With a solid plan in place and all your bases covered, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy. And, if something doesn’t go according to plan, remember to roll with the punches. You’re out for an adventure, anyways, and in Costa Rica, another great one is waiting right around the corner.

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Fishing Report Early December

Fishing Report last week November first days December

By Sharon Mora

From Friday Nov 29 to this past Monday December 2 HOO’S YOUR DADDY caught 2 blue marlin, more than twenty sailfish, a good size Tuna, and an abundance of dorado.

fishing Blog DEC 5

Capt. Michael Alligood from REAL INTENSE ADVENTURES, caught a blue marlin, 4 sailfish and a bunch of Mahi Mahi; all you could want for dinner, as well as lots of 20 to 30 pound Dorado on November 25. Capitan Michael mentioned that they were so many Mahi Mahi they had to get away from them. On November 27 they caught a striped marlin, 8 sailfish, 1 Mahi, 1 weehoo, and a bunch of bonitos. He also said that the weather is getting really nice, starting to transition into high season. On November 28 they caught 1 blue marlin, 5 sailfish, 2 Mahi and this past Friday, November 29, they had a slower day, catching only a couple of Mahi Mahi.

This past Sunday December 1st I received a report that a boat out of the Marina of Quepos caught 30 sailfish in just one day of fishing!

Finally, Captain Bubba Carter from TIJERATA  let us know that, “The fishing in Los Sueños has been really good here recently, the striped marlin are here in force. Some boats getting six and eight bites a day and enough blues and sails to make grand slams a daily event but the kicker is the 35- to 45-pound Mahi Mahi are so thick that after every boat has caught a dozen are more they just start pulling teasers for marlin. They are as thick as they have ever been and the weather is beautiful, just some rain in the afternoon.”

From these reports, it sounds like its time for some sport fishing. Now is the season to get down to Costa Rica and bend those rods on some marlin and big dorado.

Man…We LOVE to fish.









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Sailfish Los Sueños Costa Rica

Sail Fish Season Starting Late November for Los Sueños, Costa Rica

man holding sailfish on sport fishing boatThough sailfish are caught year round in Costa Rica, there are some “high seasons” for different areas around the country. Generally the favored months for fishing for sailfish off the Central Pacific region (Jaco, Manuel Antonio and the Osa Peninsula) are late November to April. The sailfish is so abundant during seasonal high that seeing the double-digit releases is pretty normal and its been known to happen that an angler gets two hooked at the same time.

Incredibly acrobatic and fast, the sailfish is a sport-fishing staple in Costa Rican waters. Once you get it hooked, the sailfish will spend a good deal of the fight above the water as you struggle to retain the tension on the line while he twists and turns in the air. Because of the excitement of this particular fight, the sailfish is the trophy goal of almost every angler out there.

The sail shaped dorsal fin distinctly marks the sailfish. This collapsible fin of the sailfish extends when the fish is swimming to help him appear larger to those that prey on him; his speed and narrow body help him out-maneuver many. Typically cobalt blue or navy, some sailfish also have spots or show stripes when they are hunting. Another member of the billfish group the upper jaw extends to around three times the length of his bottom jaw, which forms a spear that is used to stun fish when hunting.

Sailfish feed on small dorado, squid and other types of pelagic fish. Boasting impressively powerful speed, the fish uses its elongated upper jaw to stun its pray with powerful blows. Sailfish are able to swim up to 50 knots and typically live alone or in small groups of 2 or 3.

A great catch, the adult sailfish usually ranges from seven to ten feet long and juveniles can grow as much as four or five feet in a year. Sailfish usually weigh somewhere between 60 and 100lbs, but its pretty common to hook sails that exceed 100lbs in Costa Rica and actually, the world record for the biggest sailfish catch was 221lbs, and was caught in Costa Rica.

Most often found in warm tropical waters, sailfish generally are fished on the Pacific Ocean but they have also been found on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast and the gulf of Mexico. Typically sailfish are found in deep water past the continental shelf.