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Endangered Species Costa Rica

Costa Rica Works Hard to Protect Endangered Species

Guest Post Blog by Sheryl J.

tortuguero-costa-ricaMy son had a project on endangered species due for school and Costa Rica was one of the countries that he got to pick from. He needed to study and do a report on the endangered species there. He came home very excited about it because he knows that I have a brother who lives in Costa Rica and that we were getting ready to go on a vacation there just after the project was due. He asked his teacher for a week extension on his project because he wanted to gather first-hand pictures and information. She was very gracious and said that if she gave him an extended deadline, he would have to do a presentation in front of the class when he got back from our family trip. My son is anything but shy, even at 9 years of age, and he was delighted to have the chance to share what he learned.

So, a few weeks later, off we flew to Costa Rica to visit my brother. My son, James, had called him in advance to ask if there were any endangered species in the area that he lived in. My brother lives in San Jose, a town about an hour and a half east of the western coast. We decided to go to a resort instead of staying at his place in San Jose since he lives in a little two bedroom condo and we wanted to have more room for the whole family. Sam (that’s my brother) told us about the great sport fishing at a resort near San Jose called Los Sueños Resort and Marina. We stayed at a huge house together, my family, my brother, his wife and their new baby, and our sister and her family. HRG real estate handled our rental home transaction and it all went super smoothly.

But I digress. I started blogging today to say how proud I am of my son and his endangered species project. My brother Sam told James that he knew that Scarlet Macaws are now extinct over much of Central America because of the pet trade. This wasn’t surprising to him as we have seen documentaries on Scarlet Macaws. Sam told James about a Scarlet Macaw conservationist project that is headquartered just 15 minutes from his condo and we took a trip there to get pictures. It was amazing. James decided to center his report on Scarlet Macaws and the Great Green Macaws that are being supported through the Ara conservationist Project.

When he returned to school, he took video and pictures from the Ara Project to show his classmates. He also asked me to help him put together a PowerPoint presentation to show slides of the history of the organization including its original founders, an American expatriate couple, and the licensed zoological park that they began. The zoological park took in parrots (scarlet and great green macaws are parrots) that private owners had dumped or that had been confiscated from inhumane, unauthorized owners by the government. James wanted to show how although an animal has gone nearly extinct, it is possible to bring it back “from the grave” through hard work, compassion and dedication. He learned a lot on our trip to Costa Rica about this particular endangered species and enjoyed giving his presentation verbally to his extended family at our vacation home before putting it all together for his classmates at home.

He centered his report on parrots, specifically the Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw, but he was sure to include a list of other endangered species in Costa Rica as well. Another less known endangered bird species in Costa Rica is the quetzal. Sea turtles get a lot of attention and as a result have begun to make a small comeback. Hopefully reading this has inspired you to look into endangered species to see what you can do to help.

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