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Senior Retirement Costa Rica

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Forget Florida! Flock to Costa Rica to Shine in Your Golden Years…

Today’s seniors are enjoying a long life after retirement. If you are a senior contemplating how best to spend your post-retirement years, a life in Costa Rica could truly be one of your best options.

While it is known for its nightlife and its exciting, adventurous vibe, Costa Rica isn’t only for the young. This is a great place for elderly retirees for many reasons, including the following:

Warm Climate

Costa Rica offers warm, pleasant weather year round. In many parts of the country temperatures hover in the high 70s to mid-80s with little change from season to season – a far cry from the long, harsh winters many American and Canadian seniors face each year.  Older retirees will never have to worry about slipping on icy steps or driveways or enduring unexpected Arctic blasts in March.  They can enjoy golfing, swimming, boating, and hosting barbecues any time of year.

Great Health Care

Costa Rica has an excellent health care system – one whose treatment of seniors ranked 11th out of 91 countries in a study by HelpAge International. By contrast, the United States ranked 24th in the same study. Not only does Costa Rica offer highly-trained physicians and up-to-date hospitals, health care is affordable for everyone, retirees and the elderly included.


Costa Rica is one of the safest, if not the safest country in Central America. Of course, it is wise to exercise common sense and keep your money and belongings secure, but poverty and crime are very low, and anyone can feel secure traveling to almost any part of the country.

Cost of Living

Even a modest pension by American standards can ensure retirees a high quality of life in Costa Rica. While cars, electronics and imported items can be costly, day-to-day expenses like restaurants, groceries and utilities are very affordable. Hiring a cook, maid, gardener or nurse will cost a mere fraction of what it would in the United States or Canada, so you can be assured of obtaining any help you might need. In addition, home prices are low – a luxury home near the beach costs far less in Costa Rica than a similar home in North America or Europe.

Treatment of Seniors

Costa Rica scored high in the HelpAge International study’s enabling environment category, which measures how well seniors are able to integrate into society. Costa Ricans refer to older people as “golden citizens.” As a culture, they respect and care greatly for older people, and offer many perks for seniors in the form of discounts, special amenities and treatment and care.



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Retirement in Costa Rica

10 top Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica

senior couple sunset eachCosta Rica is an increasingly popular place to retire, and for good reason. This tropical paradise has a lot to offer retirees. If you are thinking of spending your golden years in this beautiful country, here are 10 things you should know:

Home prices are reasonable

The cost of a luxury home in Costa Rica is considerably lower than a comparable home in many other places in the world. Even a luxury home with access to the beach will cost only a fraction of what a similar home on the coast of France, Spain, or the United States.

Cost of living is low

While the cost of some things — such as furniture, electronics and imported foods — may be somewhat high, the cost of electricity, local groceries, entertainment, dining out and housing are significantly lower than they are in the United States.

Standard of living is high

Costa Rica enjoys one of the highest standards of living in Central and South America. Because costs for so many things are significantly lower than they are in the United States, retirees can have a higher quality lifestyle on a smaller amount of money. In addition, there is a large population of expats in Costa Rica, and there are

Costa Ricans respect seniors

In the Costa Rican culture, elders are honored and respected, and seniors can generally expect to be treated very well, and receive discounts and other perks form businesses.

You may be eligible for a special residency status

While Costa Rica is generous and welcoming toward foreigners, you will not be able to stay in the country indefinitely without applying for a special residency status. You can either apply for a “pensionado” or a “rentista” visa. These visas both come with income verification regulations, and both require that you live in the country for at least four months a year.

There is a lot to see and do

Whether you’re seeking a retirement full of excitement and new adventures, or a peaceful post-work existence where you can relax and be at ease, there are hundreds of options available to you in Costa Rica. From shopping, to scuba diving, to bird watching in the rainforest and lounging on the beach, there is something for everyone to do and see here.

The weather is great year-round

With an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day and warm, balmy temperatures year round, Costa Rica is the land of endless summer, and opportunities for outdoor living, boating, fishing, golfing and exploring abound, all year long.

The people are warm and friendly

The people of Costa Rica are polite, deferential, and sometimes a bit formal, but they are also warm, welcoming and very friendly, and they truly know how to have a good time. You will likely make new friends everywhere you go.

You will have access to many creature comforts

You can expect to have the same access to cell phone and internet services as you do in the United States. There are also many residences available with American layouts and American-style appliances.

You can enjoy rural, urban, or beach living

There are many choices when it comes to where you want to live in Costa Rica. You can enjoy life near the beach, in the tropics, near the city, or in a tranquil rural setting.