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Colina Condo Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

I never imagined that I would actually own an HRG Colina Condo in Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica!

Guest post by Jennifer S.


When I went on vacation to Costa Rica, I fell in love with the place. I never imagined I’d be able to own property there.  The natural beauty just overwhelmed me. It was like waking up in paradise every day. When it rains, it really only does so in the afternoons, and by morning you have another gorgeous golden or even pink sunrise. The beaches range in color depending on the part of Costa Rica you are in. Some beaches are pure white, some are black and some are pink. The ecosystems vary just as much as the beach sand does. Within a matter of hours you can travel from the tropical “ocean, sun and sand” setting, to the moist humidity of the rainforest, and even to the snowy peak of a mountain! What a variety there is here!

While on my trip, I thoroughly immersed myself in the Costa Rican culture. I spoke with many Ticos (native Costa Ricans), and asked where the local eateries were; as well as where the best scenery could be found. I saw jungle waterfalls and bathed in the natural hot spring baths that are heated by the underground volcanic lava. I learned more on that trip about parrots than I ever thought possible while visiting the Carara Biological Reserve on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

My great-aunt has lived in Costa Rica for about five years now. She bought a beautiful condo from HRG, Hardy Real Estate Group, on the Pacific coast, at the Los Seuños Resort and Marina. She doesn’t own a boat, so the marina part of the boat is like another world, a whole new learning experience for her. She introduced me to some of the people that live on the resort and use the marina to dock their own private yachts. They were really nice and spent some time answering any questions I had about owning a boat, sailing, and fishing. One guy even offered to take me sport fishing with him the next time I visit my aunt. I think I’ll take him up on it!

My aunt pretty much spends her time in her condo or enjoying the many amenities that the Los Sueños Resort offers. She golfs, she sunbathes and combs the beaches for washed up shells. She occasionally visits the Sabo Rainforest Spa at the Mariott hotel on the resort. She does what any retiree dreams of doing; relaxes and enjoys herself in a tropical paradise. I love all of those things too, but I enjoyed venturing out from the resort and mixing with the local culture. I mentioned to my aunt that I love the culture here and that maybe someday I’d buy a place like she had.

My aunt owns one of the resorts’ Colina condominiums. They are gorgeous adobe outside with the traditional clay tiled roof. Inside, you are in a tropical Mediterranean styled paradise. Bright whites paints and deep mahogany woods, it is 2,000 square feet of open-air luxury. The master bedroom and the living room open onto a balcony that overlooks the gorgeous championship golf course lined by the rainforest. I had such a good time spending quality time with my great-aunt and enjoying the Costa Rican charm that I was absolutely content by the time the two week vacation ended.

Imagine my surprise and delight when my aunt told me that she was willing the condo to me. It was a bittersweet moment. I love my aunt and she is such an integral part of my life, I can’t ever imagine her not being just a phone call or a text away. She is so thoughtful to have given me such a wonderful gift.

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