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Medical Care Costa Rica

Costa Rica Offers Socialized, as well as Privatized Medical Care, and has Been Shown to Lead to Longevity in the Lives of its Citizens

medical-care-costa-ricaIf you have been thinking of moving to Costa Rica, and have wondered what its healthcare system is like, you need not wonder anymore. The World Health Organization has frequently placed Costa Rica at the top of its rankings when it comes to countries that have long life expectancies for their residents. The United Nations also listed Costa Rica’s public health system highly, naming it one of top twenty public health systems in the world; Costa Rica is number one in Latin America.


There are many considerations people think long and hard about when looking to move including:

  1. Where will I move to and how will I find that place?
  2. What is the medical care like there?
  3. What is the education system like?
  4. Are there jobs available?

In this article, I will focus on the first two considerations for living in Costa Rica. If you are looking to move anywhere along the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, you need look no further than HRG real estate to help you find an ideal home or piece of property to build on. HRG Properties is your one stop shop for Costa Rica real estate.

There are several reasons that it been ranked highly by the United Nations and the World Health Organization:

  • Costs tend to be much less than they are in the United States for prescriptions, doctor visits and hospital stays.
  • The government has put health programs in place that are both preventative and healing in nature. Vaccination, informational classes and literature provide a preventative take on healthcare. The slower pace of life in Costa Rica as well as the healthy locally grown and preservative free foods, along with the warm tropical climate contribute greatly to boosting the immune systems of the Costa Rican population. The medical services provided for those who need them include pharmacy, clinical services, surgery and radiation therapy.
  • Current private medical insurance plans cost a minimal $60-$130 per month for an individual and cover 80% of prescription drug, sick visits and hospitalization and certain medical exams. Surgeon’s costs and anesthetists costs are fully covered by these plans.
  • The Costa Rican public health insurance system, called the Caja, covers most if not all of your healthcare costs, that is, if you are a citizen or legal resident of Costa Rica. You will have free access to ten major public hospitals, four of which are located in San Jose’ (great tip if you are looking for a place with lots of medical care nearby – mention this to your HRG real estate agent).
  • Almost every community has a local government funded clinic known as an EBAIS (said, ay-vy-ice). These small clinics provide non-emergent and everyday medical care. There will always be one of these clinics nearby, regardless of where you live in Costa Rica.

In summary, Costa Rica’s public healthcare system is known worldwide for its quality and the longevity of its citizens. Many of the doctors there speak English, which is an added benefit when you are looking to move there from the US.

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