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Holidays in Los Sueños, Costa Rica: It’s Time to Plan

Holidays Costa Rica

3 Reasons why you should start planning  your holidays in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica now.

Wait. Summer vacation in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica isn’t even over yet!

I can hear the objections now, but trust me when I say that, in this case, the early bird most definitely gets the most beautiful views and high adventure from his rainforest tree branch. While you may actually still be on vacation in Costa Rica (it’s summer break, after all), it is nonetheless time to start planning for your holidays in Los Sueños Resort.

Here are three good reasons to call and start planning your Costa Rica holiday vacation today:

 1. Secure your favorite accommodation at Los Sueños Resort

OK, so I basically already said it. The best spots in the resort get scooped up fast. So, if you’re looking to book that massive vacation villa for the entire family- you know the one- the one with the fantastic ocean views and private pool- well, you’ve got to get it while the gettin’ is good. There are, after all, only so many to go around. Likewise, if you’re after an ocean view condo with perfectly situated access (not that there is a bad location in the entire resort, but hey— some are better than others, no?) to all that Los Sueños Resort has to offer, the best ones go fast, so be sure to book early.

2. Have everything you need for the holidays at Los Sueños

Holidays in Costa Rica can take a tiny bit of extra planning; especially if you’re planning to bring the whole gang and need to arrange flights, and more.

Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or just Halloween, there will be a bit of meal planning to do. Will you cook in or eat out? Reservations, and/or menu planning in advance are a good idea; especially if you want to book at a restaurant or stay in and book any one of Los Sueños Resort amazing resident chefs who will cater your dinner.  Keep in mind too, that the HRG concierge staff will happily stock your refrigerator before you arrive.

Gift giving, Halloween costumes (yup, there’s trick or treating in Los Sueños Resort and always a great party for the grown-ups; of course, costume contests are a given), or a special bottle of wine for Thanksgiving, or that winter celebration dinner, will also need to be seen to in advance. You may want to think about the pros and cons of packing and flying with all that’s needed (the airlines and their charges for every single bag these days!), or shipping down in advance.

3. Beat the crowds; secure your reservations for activities and fun at Los Sueños

Holidays are high season and that means more people. More fun, yes! After all, as they say, the more the merrier, and holiday season in Los Sueños Resort is most definitely merry and fun. But, it also means more people vying for fishing boat charters, golf cart rentals, aerial tram rides, Zip lining, ATV tours, horseback riding, hiking trails, Adventure Dining, tee times at La Iguana Golf Course, dinner reservations, and spa appointments among other things. When you plan early, you can book all of your adventures and activities with HRG’s Team Concierge ahead of time, save money with those early booking discounts, and assure that you and the gang get to do everything you want to do while in Costa Rica for the holidays.


So, what are you waiting for? Call now and start planning your holiday vacation at Los Sueños Resort & Marina. Come this winter, when you’re chilling with a cocktail and gazing out at the ocean, you’ll be glad you did.

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Celebrate Halloween at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

halloween golf carts Los Sueños Resort

Halloween is scary fun at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

kids dressed for halloween at Los Sueños Marina VillageHalloween can be a special kind of fun at Los Sueños Resort & Marina; a tropical vacation and all the fun of trick or treating, costume contests (for the young and the old) and Halloween tricks, treats and parties too. Every year the Los Sueños Resort team does a great job of putting together events for the young and the young at heart alike. Here are a few tips for having great fun on your Halloween vacation at Los Sueños.

Kid’s Halloween Fun at Los Sueños

  • Book a golf cart in advance for trick or treating with the kids. Los Sueños Resort is a pretty big place, so you’ll want to have a golf cart for getting around. Most people like to decorate their carts with spider webs and other hauntingly fun Halloween decorations.


  • Don’t plan to go door to door for trick or treating. Most communities are closed. However, the guards at each community gate all have plenty of candy! You’ll make your way around the resort and stop at each community entry so the kids can yell, “trick or treat!” or Costa Rica’s equivalent: “Halloween, Halloween!”


  • Be sure to put as much effort into great costumes as you would at home; but this time you can skip the warmth factor. Remember it’s hot and humid, so plan accordingly. Last year I dressed my grandson up as the Hulk and all his body paint melted off by the end of the day! He still looked pretty darn cute, though…


  • After you’ve made the candy rounds in the resort, head for the Marina Village. There will be plenty of candy at all the shops, offices and locations.


  • At the end of the day, its time for the costume contest. Typically this is held at the Hook Up around 5pm, where the adults can have a drink while the kids line up to see who takes the prize. You can always find the details of events on HRG’s Facebook page, or that of Los Sueños Resort.


  • Last but not least, head back to your vacation rental condo or villa, get some real food into the kids before they dive into that candy (Don’t cook- order in!), and then leave them with the sitter (remember the team at HRG can help you arrange for one!) to go get ready for your own party.


Adult Halloween Fun at Los Sueños


  • You may be planning on doing a little drinking this All Hallows Eve, so maybe skip the golf cart and opt for a private driver or a taxi. Your HRG concierge can arrange either for you.  It’s just as important to drink responsibly in Costa Rica as it is in the States! Stay safe and have a scarily fun evening.


  • Every year Los Sueños Resort holds a great Halloween costume contest for the adults too, so be sure to put as much thought and creativity into your disguise as you would back home. Remember, same tip applies for adults as it does for kids: Plan for hot and humid weather; great news for those going for that “sexiest costume” prize, as well as minimizing packing weight for that flight down to Costa Rica!

Halloween in Costa Rica can be great fun; this year it falls on a Monday, so why not plan now for a 3 or 4 day weekend and head on down to Los Sueños Resort?

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Expat Living in Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica


Insider Tips for getting the most out of your new life in Los Sueños Costa Rica

If you’re like most expats living in Costa Rica, you chose this beautiful country because of its exotic landscape, wildlife and affordable lifestyle. Congratulations on deciding to join the Los Sueños community to boot; you couldn’t have selected a better location to settle.

As with any change, moving to a different country—no matter how widely traveled you are—can be challenging. Here are our five tips to help you settle into your new life in paradise.

Careful planning

Time your arrival at your new home to avoid the height of tourist season or the holiday season. Give yourself a chance to find your way around the neighborhood without having to fight crowds in the stores or on the streets. Moving is stressful, give yourself time.

Embrace the difference

The Tico culture and lifestyle center around the national philosophy: Pura Vida. Pura Vida means a respect for the natural harmony of life and living in harmony with it instead of striving against it. The pace of life is slower and Ticos generally have no sense of urgency about life’s daily tasks.

Take advantage

At Los Sueños Resort & Marina, your neighbors have already been through much of what you’re facing; ask for their advice or recommendations. Every situation is different and you’ll naturally want to do things your way, but you don’t have to face every challenge without the benefit of others’ experiences.

Speak up

Learn at least some Spanish—having numbers, directions, simple requests and phrases under your belt can go a long way toward making life easier. Speaking some Spanish won’t help you with intricate legal transactions, but you’ll at least follow the process and know when to ask questions. You don’t have to speak like a native, but at some point, English will not be of much help to you. Speaking louder or slower will not improve communications if no one around you speaks English.

Reach out

Part of the reason you decided to move to Costa Rica is the diversity of its people and culture.
If you only hang out with other expatriates, you’re missing an opportunity to enrich your life with new perspectives on living. Ticos won’t push themselves forward; if you’re respectful and genuinely interested, you just might form new, lasting friendships.

Moving is never easy, whether around the block or across the world. Expat life in Costa Rica has many benefits and you’re obviously open to the possibilities ahead of you—you wouldn’t have taken the plunge. The staff at HRG Properties and Rentals are committed to helping you make a successful move; just ask them for a little help if you need it.

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Expat Living: Communities in Costa Rica for Expatriates

View Vista Bahia 2B

Many ex pats choose Costa Rica because of its exotic landscape, wildlife and affordable lifestyle. This developing Central American democracy is a peaceful and progressive nation. Opinion varies on where, exactly, one ought to live in Costa Rica. The answer of course depends on why you want to retire there and what you like. If, when you think Costa Rica, you think white sand beaches, natural beauty, convenience and culture, Puntarenas province on the central Pacific coast may be just the place.


Herradura and La Playa Herradura, where Los Sueños Resort & Marina are situated,  are on the Gulf of Nicoya, slightly protected from the open Pacific Ocean by the Nicoya peninsula and just north of Jacó, one of the larger cities on the Pacific coast. Once a sleepy get-away for Ticos, Herradura retains its charm and provides the modern conveniences that stave off rustication. San José is a little over an hour away by car. You can expect the cost of living to be $1,000 – $2,000 a month, depending on your requirements.

Well known for its black sand, palm-lined beaches, Herradura attracts fewer tourists than Jacó. A day on the beach could become an interesting way of life, as there are many quiet and beautiful beaches to visit. Carara and Manuel Antonio national parks are nearby and other activities include canopy tours, whether on zip lines or more sedate trams, golf, sport fishing the arts, dining and nightlife.

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is a top-rated master-planned resort community. Priced for the discerning buyer, there is a variety of residential properties available in more than half-a-dozen enclaves to tempt every taste. The resort includes an 18-hole championship golf course, sports fishing, a 600-acre rainforest reserve and a host of other amenities. Los Suenos also hosts the annual Triple Crown sport fishing tournament—a premier event for competitive deep-sea anglers.

If you aspire to the quiet life, consider Dominical— along the coast a bit further south. Until the last few years when the government upgraded the highway south, it was difficult to reach this sleepy surfer’s paradise. While better access has meant more growth, Dominical is still largely unspoiled. Dramatic cliffs, secluded coves and a lush landscape offer spectacular scenery. With the number of diverse bird species, if you are a twitcher, you’ll never want to leave.

Just to the south, at Uvita, is Marino Ballenas National Park, a land and sea reserve that is home to the largest reef on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Boat tours travel to Isla Ballena, where snorkelers and scuba divers can get a first-hand look at the marine life and underwater landscape.

If beach life is not your thing, consider moving to San Ramon. AARP has named it one of the top places to retire in the world. If you fancy the Caribbean coast, Cahuita’s simple, inexpensive lifestyle and Afro-Caribbean culture could be the place for you. Likewise, Arenal, with its volcano, hot springs and cloud forests in the North Highlands, also gets high marks from ex pat communities.

Any of these communities can make a great jumping off point for your dream life in retirement.

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Los Sueños Fishing Report December 2013

Fishing Season is off to a great start in Los Sueños Resort & Marina

By Sharon Mora

Fishing report dec 26Captain Bubba Carter on board of the TIJERETA reported:

December 21: ‘’12 for 15 sails 2 nice Mahi Mahi slick calm 85 degrees’’

December 22:’’11 for 23 on sails 1 for 2 on big Mahi Mahi the kids did a great job, three future anglers’’

December 23: ‘’We had good luck seeing them good luck getting them to bite and bad luck hooking them but all in all good fishing we went 10 for 24 on sails and jumped off a 400 pound Marlin for young Carter Bunk today , but he did catch a nice dolphin for dinner and three sail fish him self’’

December 24’’ They caught 15 for 19 sails on a slick calm beautiful day.’’

Captain Dana Thomas on board of HOO’S YOUR DAADY reported:

December 16 ‘’ Great to be back doing what we do, 11 sails, 1 Dorado and a little blue marlin’’

December 24’’ Great day inshore, Gavin is our 9 year old angler’’

Captain Michael Alligood  reported

December 9 ‘’Fished offshore and caught 2 mahi and 5 for 8 on sailfish

David Finkelstein on board of the MISS BEHAVING reported:

December  22  15 sails and 1 blue marlin.

Everybody is having a great fishing vacation over this holiday season. As Captain Bubba Carter said, ‘’this season, is off to a great start’ ’the weather is amazing and the ocean is calm. We are all looking forward toward 2014!!!




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Costa Rica Fishing Report December 2013

Costa Rica Fishing Report December 20, 2013

As Reported By Adventure Tours Costa Rica

1497759_758983167448952_1738613601_nThis year, Costa Rica fishing out of the Los Sueños Marina for both October and November has been absolutely incredible. We have had extremely high numbers of Mahi-mahi (Dorado), and these acrobatic fighters have been consistently weighing in at 20-50 pounds all green season. While trolling the coast line we have come across schools as large as several hundred of these delicious fish hiding behind floating wood and other flotsam. On average, we’ve hauled in between 2 and 4 each day.

Excited for the big game sailfish peak season to begin in January and carry on straight through to April. We expect numbers this year to be consistently high and predict between 20 and 30 bites as the season picks up. These championship fish are already biting on average between 5 and ten times per day, so this peak season promises to be a great one for the anglers.

While mahi mahi and sailfish have been strong and are just getting stronger, the real stars of the Costa Rica fishing have ben our fantastic numbers of marlin. Throughout November and December, striped and Blue Marlin have been making their presence known. We have been averaging a marlin per trip, sometimes even pulling in 2 on one trip. The large populations of Bonita and Yellow Fins have provided us with an excellent source of live bait, but getting these fish past the ample supply of hungry mahi mahi has proven challenging.

Yellow fin tuna peach season is typically between May and October but there have been a few stragglers around during the past few weeks. We have had some luck finding them near pods of spotted dolphins and flocks of birds offshore. Right out of the gate last week we pulled in one weighing over 90 lbs.


Inshore, Rooster Fish have been harder to find throughout November. We expect improved numbers by late December and predict an excellent showing through January until October. Making up for the lack of Roosters have been a great numbers of small yellow fin tuna, medium sized wahoo, amberjack, jack and snapper.

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Corporate Travel Los Sueños Costa Rica

Los Sueños Costa Rica is the Perfect Place for Your Next Corporate Team Building Trip


Fist teamCorporate team building trips are a great way to foster camaraderie, build trust, gain insight, and have fun, and Costa Rica is the perfect place to bring the whole workplace. The country offers numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures, as well as a beautiful subtropical setting and an exciting and energizing atmosphere perfect for motivating and engaging your team. Whether you have a small group of 20 or a group of a thousand, there are options that will perfectly suit your needs.

Costa Rica features a long coastline with a wide variety of beaches; a dense rainforest landscape; numerous golf courses; rugged mountains; and a number of national parks and nature preserves. From kayaking, to hiking, to fishing, to diving, the opportunities for creative and dynamic outdoor team building activities are practically endless. What’s more, Costa Rica’s year-round warm climate makes it the perfect spot to bring your team to regroup and reenergize during cold winter months.

The exact team building events you choose to do are only limited by your imagination. Popular activities include:

Scavenger Hunts

Whether it’s racing to snap photos of wildlife with Smartphones, geocaching, or an old-fashioned hunt for interesting odds and ends, the challenging landscape of Costa Rica makes it an ideal place for scavenger hunts.


Competitive cooking, boat building, tree climbing, kayaking, surfing, fishing, horseback riding, and canyoning challenges are just some of the options available for team building exercises in Costa Rica.

Reality-Show Themed Events

Costa Rica is the perfect place to hold a Survivor, Amazing Race, or Fear Factor challenge of your own.

Philanthropic and Civic-Minded Activities  

Whether you want to embark on an educational eco-adventure, take a cultural tour, or engage in a charitable project meant to help Costa Rica’s poor, there are plenty of civic and cultural activities around the country that will help foster good will, and give back to the environment, or to those who are less fortunate.

Custom Activities

If you can dream it up, there’s a way to do it. If you have an interesting idea for a challenge, or you’re planning on a themed event that focuses on a specific value or goal, you can make it happen.

There are a number of companies available across the country that specifically handle planning and hosting corporate team building events. They have options for every budget and every sized group, and will work with you to come up with ideas, or help you implement your own.

And, if you need a respite after your corporate event, you can take advantage of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches and engaging night life.



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Colina Condo Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

I never imagined that I would actually own an HRG Colina Condo in Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica!

Guest post by Jennifer S.


When I went on vacation to Costa Rica, I fell in love with the place. I never imagined I’d be able to own property there.  The natural beauty just overwhelmed me. It was like waking up in paradise every day. When it rains, it really only does so in the afternoons, and by morning you have another gorgeous golden or even pink sunrise. The beaches range in color depending on the part of Costa Rica you are in. Some beaches are pure white, some are black and some are pink. The ecosystems vary just as much as the beach sand does. Within a matter of hours you can travel from the tropical “ocean, sun and sand” setting, to the moist humidity of the rainforest, and even to the snowy peak of a mountain! What a variety there is here!

While on my trip, I thoroughly immersed myself in the Costa Rican culture. I spoke with many Ticos (native Costa Ricans), and asked where the local eateries were; as well as where the best scenery could be found. I saw jungle waterfalls and bathed in the natural hot spring baths that are heated by the underground volcanic lava. I learned more on that trip about parrots than I ever thought possible while visiting the Carara Biological Reserve on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

My great-aunt has lived in Costa Rica for about five years now. She bought a beautiful condo from HRG, Hardy Real Estate Group, on the Pacific coast, at the Los Seuños Resort and Marina. She doesn’t own a boat, so the marina part of the boat is like another world, a whole new learning experience for her. She introduced me to some of the people that live on the resort and use the marina to dock their own private yachts. They were really nice and spent some time answering any questions I had about owning a boat, sailing, and fishing. One guy even offered to take me sport fishing with him the next time I visit my aunt. I think I’ll take him up on it!

My aunt pretty much spends her time in her condo or enjoying the many amenities that the Los Sueños Resort offers. She golfs, she sunbathes and combs the beaches for washed up shells. She occasionally visits the Sabo Rainforest Spa at the Mariott hotel on the resort. She does what any retiree dreams of doing; relaxes and enjoys herself in a tropical paradise. I love all of those things too, but I enjoyed venturing out from the resort and mixing with the local culture. I mentioned to my aunt that I love the culture here and that maybe someday I’d buy a place like she had.

My aunt owns one of the resorts’ Colina condominiums. They are gorgeous adobe outside with the traditional clay tiled roof. Inside, you are in a tropical Mediterranean styled paradise. Bright whites paints and deep mahogany woods, it is 2,000 square feet of open-air luxury. The master bedroom and the living room open onto a balcony that overlooks the gorgeous championship golf course lined by the rainforest. I had such a good time spending quality time with my great-aunt and enjoying the Costa Rican charm that I was absolutely content by the time the two week vacation ended.

Imagine my surprise and delight when my aunt told me that she was willing the condo to me. It was a bittersweet moment. I love my aunt and she is such an integral part of my life, I can’t ever imagine her not being just a phone call or a text away. She is so thoughtful to have given me such a wonderful gift.

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Los Sueños Luxury Vacation Rental Homes

HRG Properties and Rentals offers luxury Los Sueños Vacation Rentals

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is an idyllic place to vacation with its beautiful setting of blue waters, palm trees waving in the tropical breeze, pink and black sand beaches and lush green vegetation. All that natural beauty sets the scene for the many luxurious amenities available here.

HRG’s villas and condominiums afford luxury hotel-like conveniences like maid service and high-end amenities, while providing the privacy and comfort of a home. The condominiums range from cozy one-bedroom units to 3500 square foot, three bedroom, three and a half bath penthouses with semi-private heated pools. The villas are great for large groups. They range in size from four bedroom villas to seven bedroom villas with ten and a half bathrooms. Some even have the addition of a guest suite and many offer Jacuzzis and private pools.

Real estate rented from HRG affords ocean views, views of Hurradurra Bay, the jungle and its inhabitants, the greens of the Iguana championship golf course and so much more.

When you rent a vacation home from HRG, there are so many ways to enjoy it. You could take your family for a family vacation or take your employees on a business trip. You could honeymoon in one of our luxurious condos or send a friend or relative to their own condo for the best anniversary or wedding gift they’ve ever received; after all, what better gift could you give than a beautiful tropical setting for the first week of marriage?

One of the most beautiful villa properties HRG has to offer is Casa de Sueños. This villa is an incredible setting suited perfectly for large groups like extended family vacations or for executive retreats. The main house property is accompanied by a guesthouse with full living quarters for three.

This luxurious villa affords panoramic views of the Iguana championship golf course and contains a total of 8059 square feet of living space. It features ten and a half bathrooms, seven bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and richly furnished living areas. The gourmet kitchen is state of the art with the latest cooking technology. The dining room has table settings for 14 people. Just outside the main living area, there awaits a heated pool with a swim-up tikki bar and a Jacuzzi as well.

The guesthouse also has a swimming pool of its own. Its three bedrooms are furnished with a king and queen sized beds as well as a set of bunk beds in the third bedroom.

Casa de Sueños is an amazing property that puts you in the lap of luxury and HRG has a rental management team that takes care of everything for you. They manage each rental property professionally and thoroughly. The team completes reservations, maintains upkeep and is on call for you should you ever you need help.

When you rent a vacation home like Casa de Sueños, you may be tempted not to leave the property. Yet, you may not want to miss out on the many indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in and around the resort. From spa treatments at the Mariott’s Sabo Rainforest Spa, to fine dining, or catching your dinner out on the open sea, you will never be bored. Costa Rica is the place of dreams and HRG is here to provide a beautiful setting in which to live out your tropical dreams.

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Vacation Home Los Suenos Costa Rica

I Bought a Vacation Home in Los Sueños, Costa Rica and I Love My 2nd Home!

by Michelle S.

I had been looking for a vacation home that had adventure and luxury on the water; I found those things, and so much more, when I purchased my second home in Costa Rica. Los Sueños Resort and Marina are simply amazing. This is my own little piece of paradise and I am so excited to have it. In the future I hope to retire here on Hurradurra Bay’s soft sand beaches. In the meantime, the luxury villa I purchased can be rented out, offsetting its cost. Renting it out for a week or a month at a time allows me to pay for its upkeep and use it throughout the year for myself, my parents, or close friends and family.

Los Sueños Resort offers so much to see and do. I am an avid traveler and golfer and I have yet to experience anything like the golf course here. La Iguana Golf Course is an 18 hole, 72 par, Championship golf course that was designed by Ted Robinson! Not only that, but there are 150 unique species of animals just hanging around on the course. The caddies here are trained to point them out. It’s not uncommon to see playful monkeys, scarlet macaws, colorful toucans, and even three-toed sloths. And because I own a home here, this amazing course is just a short walk from my residence. My property management team HRG Properties and Rentals even offers discount golf vacation packages that I am sure to tell all of my friends about.

Golfing isn’t the only sport here. If you’re a more adventurous person, you can take advantage of the sport fishing or surfing. My sons love the beach that is right nearby. Playa Hermosa, just down the road by about 10 minutes, is actually one of the best-known surfing beaches in Costa Rica. Eco-adventure is really big here too. Much of the wildlife and terrain are relatively untouched. It’s an amazing place to stay green and have fun and I could go on and on about the national perks here.

My new selection of fine dining establishments includes food prepared by international chefs. A few examples of the cuisine offered here are Asian, Italian, and of course Latin American. In addition to the fine dining, I love the sports bars with big screen TVs and tropical drinks set right on the bay; it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Getting here is a breeze. Los Sueños Resort and Marina is located a little over an hour from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose’, Costa Rica. A lot of major US cities offer easy, close and inexpensive flights here including Chicago, New York, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas and Miami, just to name a few.

If you have been looking for a second home, I suggest that you consider buying a Costa Rica vacation home here at Los Sueños.