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Safety Tips for Adventure Tours Costa Rica

HRG Vacations will Introduce you to Costa Rica Adventure Tours That are Fun and Safe.

After reading these Costa Rica adventure tour safety tips you’ll be better prepared to have a great time and stay safe doing it! First let’s talk about what kind of fun you’ll have. Costa Rica offers a plethora of enjoyable activities:

Adventure Costa Rica

  • Horseback Riding
  • River Tubing Adventure
  • Zip Line Canopy Tours
  • Hot Springs
  • Surfing
  • Ocean Sport Fishing
  • River Kayaking
  • Jungle Hiking
  • Coffee Tour


Beach and jungle tours, on horseback, are so much fun. You’ll ride your horse through the jungle paths, along mountain trails and alongside the ocean on the beach. Stay safe while riding by staying with your group and following your guide’s recommendations for riding. Long pants are also a great idea to avoid getting scratched by plants that you may be allergic to.

The River tubing adventure is a wonderfully lazy ride with a splash of thrilling rush when you hit the small rapids and little waterfalls. Relaxation with a dose of excitement while floating along to the sounds of the jungle. It’s a great idea to wear water shoes on this ride to avoid any sharp stones that may lie in the riverbed. Knowing how to swim is a good idea too, but if you aren’t sure of yourself or your kids’ swimming abilities, just wear a lifejacket.

The Zip line tour offers a flying good time over the jungle floor and under the jungle canopy. Wear shorts that are long enough to reach the backs of your middle thighs to avoid chafing from your harness and be sure to have your guides double check your equipment. Now let go and zip through the trees!

The hot springs is set at the top of a volcano among the jungle plants and waterfalls. There are natural waterfalls spilling into calming warm pools and naturally bubbling hot tubs, all fed by volcanic springs. This beautiful spot is perfect for those in good health, but there are just a few contraindications. Pregnant women or people with a history of severe respiratory or cardiac problems should avoid water at temperatures above 101 degrees.

HRG will help you schedule surfing lessons for people ages five and up. They will teach you the basics as well as more advanced tricks and techniques for those more experienced surfers. A few tips for surfing are:

  • Always surf with a buddy
  • Only surf in depths you can swim in
  • Always use a board leash so as not to lose your surfboard
  • Do not surf at night

Sport fishing is an activity Costa Rica is well known for. It has hosted international sport fishing tournaments for the last 20 years. Safety while sport fishing on a rented charter boat consists mainly of wearing your life jacket and avoiding leaning over the edge of the boat. Listening to your charter boat captain’s guidelines will keep you stay safe too.

River kayaking is yet another water sport available in Costa Rica. Be sure to wear your life jacket and always go with a guide! Be sure to ask the kayaking experts how to disengage yourself from your kayak should you happen to capsize.

Jungle Hiking is among the safest of Costa Rica adventures as long as you follow these tips:

  • Wear suitable hiking shoes
  • Stay on the main trails (no hiking off into the unknown)
  • Keep an eye out for snakes. Colorful coral snakes, vipers and the large bushmaster snake need to be given a respectful distance.

Coffee Tour – Safety at the coffee plantation consists of wearing your sunscreen, your comfortable shoes to avoid blisters, and following directions given by the coffee plantation’s tour guide. You’ll have a great time while learning where that delectable nectar comes from and how it is made.

Costa Rica and HRG will provide you with safe and fun activities every day!


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