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Costa Rica’s Feature Fishing Areas

Sport Fishing_1

Sport Fishing is Plentiful in Costa Rican Waters with an Abundance of Feature Fishing Areas



The prime areas for sport fishing are some of Costa Rica’s main attractions.  The marine wildlife represents a rainbow of options to experience. From coastlines and coral reef dwellers to deep water ocean species, the fish vary in location, size, color and uniqueness. The amazing thing about the marine wildlife is that no matter what the time of year, you will always find many of the species available for great fishing.

The abundance and variety as well as the large size of most Costa Rican ocean species draw the most experienced anglers to the region. International sport fishing tournaments are held in a few choice locations in Costa Rica. Fishermen from all over the globe know that they will find a fight in the waters here worthy of their travel time. Sport fishing is a more humane type of fishing because for the most part, the fish are not eaten or kept out of the water for very long. They are put right back in to their natural habitat after the fishermen have had the fun of battling them and reeling them in.

The best places to fish, called the “feature fishing areas” are:

  • The ocean region reaching from the upper northwest corner of Costa Rica’s coastline at Salinas Bay to the Play Carrillo region about 240 miles south. In this area you will find a rich variety of fish to fight including the yellow fin tuna, the red snapper, the sailfish, the dorado fish, the swordfish, the marlin, the roosterfish, the tarpon and the snook.
  • Further south along the western coastline of Costa Rica near the party town of Jaco and further into the depths of the ocean you will find mackerel, dorado, red snapper, marlin, rooster fish, yellow fin tuna and sailfish.
  • At the southern tip of Costa Rica’s west coast you will find the wahoo, the snook, the roosterfish, the yellow fin tuna, the snapper, the dorado, the sailfish, the marlin, and the mackerel.
  • The eastern coastline of Costa Rica isn’t nearly as abundant as the western coastline when it comes to the variety of fish. In the ocean off the eastern coast between Limon and Cahuita at the southern tip of Costa Rica you will find dorado, mackerel and tarpon fish.
  • Just north along the eastern coastline is the last feature fishing area. Near the Tortuhuero area, the same three types of fish, the mackerel, tarpon, and dorado fish can be found.

Fish in the deeper ocean waters can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, a seemingly unrealistic number! On average fish in Costa Rica’s deeper waters weigh between 100 to 500 pounds. Still a very large catch! Roosterfish love to hide in among the coastal reefs as do many of the smaller species of fish.

Book a charter for the day or for a week for your sport fishing adventure. Many of the charter companies in Costa Rica boast captains with over 25 years of sport fishing experience. These captains hire themselves out to amateur and more experienced fishermen alike. If you are new to sport fishing, you will greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that these captains can share. Come to Costa Rica and visit some of the feature fishing areas and you will be bragging about your sport fishing experience for years to come!

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Something for Everyone in Costa Rica

A vacation in Costa Rica has something for everyone.

Costa Rica is a land of abundance. The small region is known for its wealth of rainforests, tropical climate and wildlife species relative to its size. The variety of natural beauty is echoed by the variety of ways to entertain and amaze its residents and visitors. When you want a one-stop vacation destination for adventure, relaxation and exotic tropical excess, Costa Rica is the place.

HRG Vacations is an all-inclusive vacation planning organization. The staff at HRG can plan your trip from beginning to end. They will pick you up at the airport, transport you to and from Los Sueños Resort & Marina on the Central Pacific coast, and set your reservations for activities and tours. There are many ways to unwind at Los Sueños Resort:

Outdoor adventure tours
There are many thrilling ways to see the jungle and its  treasure trove of wildlife including white water rafting, eco-canopy tours, motorized canopy tours, sky walking tours and zip line tours.
White water rafting is an exciting trip down a rushing river over waterfalls and around large rocks. It takes concentration and strength and gives a great adrenaline rush.
The canopy tours consist of visitors riding in a metal basket high up through the jungle trees, offering views of the birds, monkeys, and other tree-dwellers as well as beautiful panoramas of greenery and rivers running through ravines. The basket safely surrounds you while you enjoy the scenery from up high.
Eco-canopy tours provide the benefits of the motorized tours without harming the environment. You, the visitor are the motor, pulling yourself along the steel cable.
The sky walk gives you an on-high view of the jungle and its inhabitants as well. Instead of riding in a basket, you are walking across a swinging suspension bridge much like the natives used to build from rope.
Zip lining is another adrenaline rush to experience. See the jungle as you get the feeling of flying like a bird. Your tour guides help you zip from tree to tree as you hang from your harness attached to a steel cable. No basket, no walkway, just you, your harness and the open jungle air!
Outdoor relaxation activities
All outdoor activities are not appropriate for all people or all times. If you are looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the warm Costa Rican sun and green jungle scenery, you will not be disappointed. Many activities are available like golfing, snorkeling, river tubing, horseback riding and coffee tours.
While golfing and snorkeling, you will see unique wildlife. Some examples are monkeys and birds in the jungle beside the golf course and multiple tropical fish, coral, and marine wildlife like sand dollars and starfish while snorkeling.
River tubing is a slow drift down a smoothly flowing river. Horseback riding is an equine jungle trek that leads out to a trot along the beach. Your horse may even like to swim!
The coffee tour is appropriate for any activity level. It is educational and delicious. Try some of the local blends while you are there!
Sport fishing 
Out on the wild blue, you will have to opportunity to catch marlin, grouper, sailfish, swordfish, dorado fish and yellow belly tuna.
Spa days

Spend your day being pampered with tropical herbal scents. Enjoy massages and facials, manicures and pedicures in this gorgeous tropical setting.


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Sport Fishing Season at Los Sueños

Exciting things are happening at Los Sueños!

The holiday season is upon the resort once again. For many visitors, this means festivities, parades, shopping, and holiday-themed dining and night life. For those who love sport fishing, it means the beginning of the much-anticipated tournament season.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best places for sport fishing. Its waters are a big game fisherman’s dream – calm, easily accessed, and filled with yellow fin tuna, wahoo, Pacific blue marlin, Pacific sailfish, and roosterfish. The game fish here average 40 pounds, and 20-fish days happen regularly. It’s no wonder that dedicated anglers from the world over visit the country to fish its waters, and that the best of the best square off each year during tournament season.

The season begins with the start of the WBS Bill fishing World Championship, where anglers from around the world will showcase their skills, their determination, and their love for sport fishing in the hopes of winning cash prizes and one of the ultimate bill fishing titles. Los Sueños Resort and Marina will host the two-part tournament, which features an angler championship set to run from December 4th through December 7th, and a team championship, which will run from March 26th through March 29th.

2014 may just be Costa Rica’s best sport fishing year to date, as the country will be hosting the first-ever annual Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown. The three-leg event kicks off in January, and is a compilation of two highly successful and popular competitions: the Signature Billfish Series and the Marlin Invitational.

Leg 1 of Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown runs from January 22nd through January 25th. Leg 2 runs from February 26th through March 1st, and leg 3 runs from March 12th through 15th. The Signature Triple Crown Winner has a chance to win far more than eternal bragging rights. He or she is guaranteed a cash prize of $100,000 – making this competition all the more exciting. 

Costa Rica’s sport fishing tournaments are a thrill for the hundreds visitors who flock to see them – especially those staying at Los Sueños. Beyond enjoying a front row seat to the action, those staying at the resort have ample opportunity to try their own hand at sport fishing. The Los Sueños Marina features an impressive charter fleet, which is ready and willing to take intrepid adventurers on exciting and unforgettable big came hunting expeditions.


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Fishing Report Sept 16 to 22

Los Sueños Fishing Report

week September 16 to September 22

By Sharon Mora

Austin Angel fighting a Blue Marlin


Last week HOOS YOUR DADDY fished two days. One day they went out with a group of people from Texas and they got 5 sail fish, 1 blue marlin, 1dorado and 5 yellow fin tuna; and the second day they went fishing with some of our guests and they caught 10 big tunas and 2 sailfish.

On Sunday the 22nd the SPANISH FLY caught 6 sailfish and on Friday THE BITE boasted 2 sailfish and a whahoo

This past weekend team SEA ANGEL fished out from Los Sueños and in just a day and half they caught 20 blue marlins out of 28 bites and they raised a total of 40.  The crew from Sea Angel fished with live bait one day and troll the next. After the trip, Captain BC posted on his face book page, “All I can say is best fishing on my life. Nice work Angel Family”.Sea Angel


I am so excited for this high season to start; it looks like it’s going to be an interesting one!



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Early July Fishing Report Los Sueños Costa Rica

Fishing Report First
Weeks of July


Alexis Chamorro and his team XTA -SEA went out fishing offshore from Golfito in two days of fishing they saw 55 Marlins; 40 of those where bites and they released a total of 21 Marlins, which is approximately 3 or 4 marlins per minute. Alexis said that there is no doubt that this was his best day of fishing and he has been fishing since he was 10 years old.

Laura Thomas of Hoos Your Daddy said that because of the rainy afternoon, there was a good deal of natural sediment in the ocean so that resulted in good inshore and offshore fishing; they were catching some blue marlin tuna, generally weighing in between 30 and 80 lbs, and some wahoo too.

Maverick charter reports catching sail fish, grouper, and  tuna and one Saturday early in the month they had 2 double header on blue Marlin and 3 sailfish .

Finally Michael Alligood reportedly caught a couple of nice tunas, one which was around 100lbs and 2 for 2 on sails

So it seem that fishing has been consistent for both inshore and offshore! That is great news for this time of the year and yet another good reason to visit Los Sueños Resort.

Check Out These fishermen’s Facebook Pages!

Maverick Charter Boats

Hoo´s Your Daddy Charter Boat

Michael Alligood