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Costa Rica Education Options for Children of Expats

Expatriate Kids in Costa Rica Have Plenty of Options for School

educationAccess to education is a very important deciding factor for folks looking to move to Costa Rica. It ranks right up there with medical care, lifestyle cost, and access to profitable jobs. HRG real estate not only offers great places to live in Costa Rica, but they offer real estate in great areas where you will find quality education for your children too.

Many people move to Costa Rica for the unique advantages it offers. When you want to live a simpler, more enriched life, you usually want your children to have the same freedoms. This is where the education in Costa Rica shines. Not only will you, as a parent, get to live a less stressed, higher quality life, but your child will as well.

There are many great private schools accredited by both the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and the United States here in CR. The children learn bi-lingually in a lot of them. They can learn Spanish and be taught in English. This eases the transition for children of expatriates from the United States. They can make friends locally and also enjoy the study environment that promotes an educational style that they are used to.

The public schools in Costa Rica are often pretty crowded, with many students to one teacher. Many expatriates moving to Costa Rica send their kids to private schools for these reasons. There are a lot of good schools located in the Central Valley, in and around the city of San Jose. Each school has their own set of standards, curriculum and diploma details, so it is important to look into each school if you want your child to go to college in the United States. Some schools are big on a family setting, utilizing a low student to teacher ratio. If this is important to you, ask about this when looking into school options. Here are some different schools, their locations and a little about them:

  • The Blue Valley School is located at the western end of San Jose, in Escazu. The students are taught in English and can learn Spanish for an extra cost. It prides itself on the beauty and spaciousness of its campus.
  • The European school is north of San Jose and its student body represents a total of 20 countries. There is no extra cost for learning Spanish here as both English and Spanish are spoken fluently by students as a result of teach classes in English, but having a daily period of Spanish language and literature.
  • The British School, located in the western part of San Jose as well, tops the European school by just one country. 15% of its student body is an international community representing 21 countries, yet 85% of the students are native born Costa Ricans. This school is closer to the city center of San Jose.

With such great educational options available, all you need to do is look at the real estate market in this area to be hooked. Make no mistake; you will love what you see! HRG real estate offers many great residential opportunities within commuting distance of many of San Jose’s remarkable schools. HRG’s beautiful homes and condominiums range in price from under $500,000.00 to over $2,000,000.00. HRG also offers raw land and development land. Most of these properties are surrounded by or afford amazing views of the gorgeous wildlife, green earth and jungle, and blue ocean waters that only Costa Rica offers. Moving to Costa Rica could be your last major step to living close to nature and still enjoying the educational amenities that you want your children to enjoy.