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Costa Rica Coffee

No Other Coffee Can Compare to the Liquid Gold That Comes From Costa Rican Coffee Beans


whole-beanCosta Rica produces the best coffee beans, hands down. I am an official Java Aficionado.  That’s what I like to call myself anyway. I own my own coffee house, coincidentally called Java Aficionado, and I am always looking for coffee beans that can surpass my quality standards for taste, freshness, and continuity of flavor.

I went to Costa Rica on a vacation and ended up writing it off as a business trip when I discovered the Doka Estate Coffee Plantation. I had come to my usual vacation spot, the Los Sueños Resort on the western border of Costa Rica, and during a conversation with an HRG staff member, he suggested that we go on the Doka Estate Costa Rica Coffee Tour.

The friendly HRG staff is one of the reasons I love visiting the Los Sueños Resort. No matter what it is you need, they will always do their best to help you out with it. They don’t bug you, but if you are up for conversation about yourself or the local area, or anything really, you can count of an HRG staff member to talk to. They are very helpful.

In this case, the staff member I talked to gave me a great business tip without even knowing it! He was just mentioning how much he liked the coffee from Doka Estate in a morning interaction. I’d just come from my HRG vacation condo renal, and he asked me if I would like some coffee on the house. I replied, with a “no thanks”, and explained that I bring my own coffee on vacation from my coffee shop at home. He told me that I wouldn’t regret giving this Costa Rica coffee a try, so I took him up on it. I was really surprised at how great it was!

I asked him where it had come from, and he explained that a local plantation grows, roasts, and packages it, and sells it locally and internationally. He told me that HRG regularly sets up tours at the plantation. I was so taken with the freshness and quality of the brew he’d given me that I decided to put a little business into my vacation. “Who knows?” I thought.  “I may end up writing this whole trip off as a business trip!”

The day of our coffee tour arrived bright and sunny, like most days in Costa Rica, the sun’s golden rays peeking up on the horizon over the blue ocean and behind the bay island greenery. We boarded the HRG tour van and headed off towards the Doka Estate Plantation. All the way to the plantation I talked with the driver about my coffee business. He told me that he knew the owner of Doka, and would see if he could arrange a special tasting for me when we arrived at the tasting center.

Our first stop at the plantation was out to the fields of growing coffee plants. The natural beauty of the coffee plant’s white flowers and red berries was so beautiful against the green of the leaves and the black hearty soil. I was excited to see the roasting processes of the different flavors and to taste them. When we entered the tasting room, I saw that my HRG driver had stayed true to his word. There was a table laid out with steaming cups of coffee, each labeled with the different roast and bean flavors. There was Breakfast Blend, House Blend, Espresso Italiano, Decaffeinated, French Roast, Peaberry AA, and finally, Chocolate Bean coffee. I tasted them and put in an order. This coffee was so good that I knew it just had to be a staple at Java Aficionado. A big Thank You to my two new friends from HRG!