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Start Planning Now: Summer Family Vacation in Costa Rica

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Los Sueños Resort is the Perfect Place for Your Family Summer Vacation in Costa Rica

Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to start planning a vacation with the family. While many families might feel that their only options are an expensive trip to Europe or a been-there-done-that tour of the Grand Canyon, there is one possibility that is close to home, yet exotic; and exciting, yet affordable.

Costa Rica has everything a family could want for summer and Los Sueños Resort is the perfect solution to the perfect family vacation: exciting adventures; luxurious accommodations; outdoor activities; and fun dining and shopping options. There is so much to see and do that it is important to plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you along.

Consider the weather

The weather in most parts of Costa Rica averages in the mid-70s year round. That said, summer in the United States does fall during the country’s wet season, where it is a bit on the warmer side, and typically rainy part of each day. This is far from a deterrent for a summer visit; during the rainy season there are fewer crowds, lower prices, and the lush rainforest foliage is at its showiest.

To dress properly for the weather, bring light layers, including pants, along with water shoes, and water proof hiking boots. If you plan to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (not far from Los Sueños), bring light sweaters and jackets; it is considerably cooler at higher altitudes.

Select your activities

There are a ton of things to do in Costa Rica that are perfect for the whole family, including sport  fishing, boating, hiking, wildlife watching, touring volcanoes, whitewater river rafting, surfing and horseback riding to name a few. Kids particularly love spotting monkeys and parrots in the jungle, visiting active volcanoes, and soaring through the rainforest on a zipline. You can do many of these things independently, or you can choose to go on a group tour or take a group lesson. The concierge team at HRG can help you plan your excursions before you ever arrive in Costa Rica.

You will have to prioritize your activities according to the time you have to spend in Costa Rica. Make a list of the activities each member of your family wants to do, then reach out to our team to help you schedule.

Pencil in some downtime

Be sure to schedule some relaxation so that you don’t burn yourselves out. There are two day-spas within Los Sueños Resort and you can always schedule a therapist to come to your vacation rental condo or villa. The exclusive Los Sueños Beach Club is a terrific place to spend the day hanging out with a good book and umbrella drinks from the bar. And, afternoon naps during the occasional green season afternoon downpour are nothing short of delicious.

Dining, Drinking and Dancing

Los Sueños Resort boasts a number of terrific restaurants and bars. In nearby Jaco, there is nearly always a live band to be heard on the weekends and a good number of clubs to dance the night away in. For more information about all the amazing restaurants there are to choose from, visit our restaurant guide, and of course, never hesitate to reach out to our concierge team as they can always point you in the right direction and help make reservations.

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