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Sport Fishing: Featuring Captain Bubba Carter

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Capt. Bubba Carter is One of the Most Successful and Well Known Fishermen in the World


Very few captains in the world of sport fishing can match the experience, knowledge and expertise of Capt. Bubba Carter, who has returned to full-time chartering in beautiful Costa Rica.  It’s the passion within, that has driven Capt. Bubba to devote his entire life to the ocean and the wonderful sport of sport fishing.


Bubba CarterCosta Rica is one of the best places on Earth for fishing enthusiasts to pursue their dream of reeling in “the big one,” whether they’re in it for the day, or for the long haul. The waters here are literally teeming with big game fish, and the promise of success lures in novices and seasoned veterans alike, year round.

It is no small wonder, then, that Captain Bubba Carter has decided to hang his proverbial hat in Costa Rica. Captain Carter is a well-known charter captain whose successful career spans decades, and whose passion for hunting big game fish is legendary. He has fished all over the world, reeled in some of the sport’s biggest catches, and earned the respect of fishermen everywhere.

Captain Bubba Carter grew up in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in the state’s low-country region. His father ran a fishing charter during the summer and built houses during the winter. Carter fished often with his father as a child, and grew to love and appreciate sport fishing from a very young age. When it came time for him to choose a career, he knew he didn’t have any interest in construction, so he set out to fish for a living.

Captain Carter has certainly earned his stripes; he has caught and released well over 20,000 billfish over the course of his career, and in 2013 he was named by Salt Water Sportsman Magazine as one of the world’s top 50 charter captains.

Carter has fished everywhere, including coveted hot spots off of Australia, Mexico and Central America. However, Costa Rica remains one of his favorite places to relax and to work.

Today, Carter’s business is based out of Los Sueños Resort in northwestern Costa Rica, where he charters the Tijereta. He loves the country’s safe, tranquil waters and its lush tropical atmosphere. But when it comes to fishing, abundance is everything.

One of Carter’s top tops for big game fishing is selecting a target-rich environment, and Costa Rica offers just that. Carter has enjoyed plenty of success catching sailfish here, but he is most impressed with the recent success he’s had with marlin. On the offshore seamounts, he has hauled in more than 25 blue marlin in a two-day trip – an unheard-of and exciting prospect for any marlin enthusiast.

Target-rich waters only tell part of Carter’s story. He has always gone in to any challenge with the right balance of determination, humility, and willingness to learn. His best piece of advice for new anglers, as told to “Fish with a crew that’s willing to teach and will let you hook your own fish. Listen to them, practice your techniques, learn from your mistakes and you’ll become a better angler.”

If you are looking to learn the ropes or snag a blue marlin (or 20), you can head down to Los Sueños yourself and book a day out with Captain Bubba Carter through your concierge team at HRG; You can also enter to win two whole days of fishing for up to four of you and your pals.

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