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Sport Fishing and Species in Costa Rica

Prolific Sport Fishing with Mass Variety Awaits You in Costa Rica

black-marlin3Costa Rica is well known internationally for its sport fishing as well as its variety of wildlife, marine and land species alike. HRG is a real estate group that offers home sales and condominium rentals in many areas of Costa Rica, including the Los Sueños Resort and Marina. This marina was the first government sanctioned marina in Costa Rica and home to many international sport fishing tournaments. If you are a sport fisherman who wants to live near one of the most abundant oceans in the world, HRG is the company you want to help you find a home in this sport fishing tropical paradise.

Should you desire to learn more about sport fishing specifics; read on. The sport fishing here can be detailed in seasons and locations as well as species. Specific fish can be found more abundantly at different times of the year and in specific areas. While I cannot name all of the species, breaking down the specifics, by description of some of the species and their peak locations and seasons, looks something like this:

  • Sailfish – These large creatures are well known for the spiny sail jetting from the tops of their bodies, often stretching the full length of their back. The other identifying factor of a sailfish is its elongated bill, similar to a swordfish bill. In sport fishing, a sailfish is referred to as a billfish. The sailfish is known for its speed and incredible jumping abilities. They inhabit warm waters like those in Costa Rica, specifically the West coasts of Playa Carillo, Jaco Beach and Drake Bay. Although sailfish can be found year round, the peak months for fishing them are January, February, May, June and July.
  • Marlin – Marlins are perciform fish, related to the swordfish family, recognizable by its spear-like snout and a rigid dorsal fin that can extend forward to make a crest. These fish are also fast swimmers. They can reach speeds of 68mph! Marlins are best fished during the last four months of the year and can be found mostly along the West coast of Costa Rica as well.
  • Yellow Fin Tuna – These tuna are found in the Western and Southern oceans of Costa Rica. Their yellow fin differentiates them from other tuna fish species. The rest of their bodies are a brilliant blue. Yellow Fin Tuna is one of the larger tuna species weighing in at up to 400 pounds. It is marketed in the food markets as “ahi” tuna. Near Guanacaste, the best season for these fish is August through October. Further south in the Pacific, the peak season extends through December.
  • Dorado – Dorado are plentiful in the Caribbean from January through October. This fish likely has one of the longest peak seasons. The Dorado fish can also be found at peak season May to October in the Central and South Pacific. You have probably eaten Dorado before under its better known name of Mahi Mahi. The Dorado is a unique fish, fading from yellow at its belly to green and then deep blue in color at its fins.
  • Snapper – Snapper is plentiful all along the Pacific coast and all year round. It is likely one of the most plentiful fish in the Costa Rican region. Several varieties including the Red Snapper reside here. They average in weight around 15 to 20 pounds, but have been known to reach up to 400 pounds when caught from July to December.
  • Rooster Fish – The Rooster Fish like the sailfish has an erect dorsal fin, but when seen up close, the differences is obvious. Rooster Fish are much smaller, averaging around 60 pounds in weight, and the spines of their dorsal fin are separated like the ridges of a rooster’s comb. These fish are abundant year round in the South Pacific, June to October further north near Jaco, and during the winter season of November to January even further north near Guanacaste.



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