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Smart Sport Fishing at Los Suenos in Costa Rica

By Sharon Mora

In Costa Rica, it is wonderful to have a diverse collection of conservation groups concerned with the well being of animals and the environment. That is something that I, as a Costar Rican, am very proud to be a part of…. Many sport fishing enthusiasts feel the same way……

Since my recent introduction to the sport fishing world I have come to discover many facts unknown to the average person.  The general public has yet to realize the efforts and impact that sport fishing does to protect the oceans and the environment, in order to pursue their passion.  Not to mention the financial impact sport fishing has on the local economy.  But that will be my next topic for this blog!!!!

It is important to realize that ethical sport fisherman practice techniques, utilize gear, and make decisions to release billfish safely with minimal impact on the fish.  While fishing for meat fish, conscious decisions are made to not over-harvest a single location or species. Therefore this allows for abundant future fishing.  Many times the bigger breeder size fish are returned to the ocean, to allow for reproduction, and the smaller ones are harvested for an enjoyable meal..

Since spending time in the sport fishing community, I have been enlighten to the fact that many sport fisherman play acting roll in foundations, conservative groups, and charitable organizations  around the world.  Not only donating money, but countless hours to benefit others and the world we live in.  I am glad to be able to be associated with these individuals.

In today´s fast paced world it is easy to pass judgment on something we don’t fully understand.  I didn’t completely understand the role sport fisherman play in my community here in Costa Rica, but I have come to discover the positive impact, gained the respect, and developed new friendships that I hope to last a lifetime …

Hope you enjoy my point of view….


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