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Senior Travel to Costa Rica

Seniors Love to Travel Costa Rica

Retired woman drinking a cocktail under the sunAt first blush, the challenging terrain and thrill-seeking activities Costa Rica is known for may not seem all that amenable to older tourists. However, Costa Rica can be an ideal place for seniors to visit. Any senior – from those looking for an adventure or a low-key getaway — will find plenty to do in this beautiful Central American country.

In Costa Rica, seniors are called “golden citizens,” and are looked upon with deference, respect and honor, so older visitors can generally expect to be treated especially well. In addition, some companies offer seniors-only tours, so if you’re looking to looking to tour you won’t have to worry about finding things to do or people who share your interests.

It should be noted that the roads in Costa Rica are not always evenly paved, and the natural terrain can be steep and uneven. Seniors with mobility problems may want to opt for a resort vacation, where they can enjoy walks on private beaches, spa treatments, pools, and international cuisine in Costa Rica’s subtropical setting.

For those seniors who don’t have mobility issues, there are any number of activities to enjoy, including:

Bird Watching

Costa Rica has one of the world’s most diverse and numerous bird populations. Spot toucans, quetzals, brightly colored macaws, green parrots, and giant wading birds in their natural habitat.


San Jose and Jaco, a small nearby beach town, are wonderful places to take a leisurely shopping trip. There are many treasures to be found here, from famed Costa Rican coffee, to artisanal crafts and jewelry, to local sweet and savory treats. A tip: one of the best and most interesting places to shop for one-of-a-kind items is San Jose’s Mercado Artesanias.

City Tours

Touring San Jose is a cultural experience that’s well worth it. View the amazing architecture of National Theatre, which was designed after the Paris Opera House. Explore the city’s many museums, including the National Museum, the Jade Museum, the Museum of Costa Rican Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. Visit the city’s beautiful parks, including Central Park or Parque de Espana. Or get in touch with the city’s history and visit the Ruinas de Ujarras.


From seaside strolls to treks through the rainforest, there are hundreds of hiking spots in Costa Rica, and there’s something for every ability and energy level. Tranquilly take in the tropical landscape, go wildlife watching, or get up-close and personal views of waterfalls or active volcanoes.

Botanical Gardens

View Costa Rica’s lush landscape and experience its brilliant flora and fauna in one of the country’s famed botanical gardens, such as the 50-acre Pura Vida Botanical Gardens, or the Blue River Botanical Gardens, which is set in the rainforest and surrounded by mountains.

There are many other activity in Costa Rica seniors can enjoy, from cooking or dancing lessons, to whitewater rafting trips, to cable car rides through the rainforest canopy. The sky’s really the limit, so if you’re considering visiting Costa Rica, consult a travel agent or tour company to build a trip that’s perfect for your preferences and abilities.



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