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Romantic Proposal in Costa Rica


She said yes! A romantic proposal in Costa Rica

Guest post by Stephen J.

With Valentines day just around the corner, a lot of people are looking to find a beautiful place for a romantic vacation; I suggest you check out Los Sueños in Costa Rica.

I’d never been to Costa Rica before, but had heard a lot about it and I thought my girlfriend (at the time) and I would give it a try. I am glad that we did! With the help of our terrific concierge at HRG, I began planning the perfect romantic Costa Rica vacation. I wanted it to be filled with romance and end with my proposal to her (she said yes!) and that’s exactly what we got.

There are some great activities in and around Los Sueños Resort that are built for romance. Here are a few tips from my own experience with my partner; you can’t go wrong with these if you want the perfect proposal setting during your romantic trip to Costa Rica.  

How to have a great romantic getaway in Los Sueños Costa Rica:

Check the ratings! Before you book anything, check online for what other people say about your potential romantic destination. I did this and found that HRG Vacations and Los Sueños, Costa Rica had excellent ratings.

Plan your days loosely. Some people may like a structured vacation, and if that’s you’re deal then ignore this tip. As for me, I like a little flexibility in my vacations. My regular life is full of structure. I want a vacation, especially a romantic one, to leave a little room for spontaneity!

Book a couples massage in your condo; schedule it for the late afternoon so that the two of you can just hang out together for a lazy evening in together. Make sure you pre-stock the fridge with a nice bottle of wine and have the food delivery menu from all of the Los Sueños restaurants on hand.

Enjoy an evening sunset cruise out of Los Sueños Marina; romance, the stars and the moon will make for a perfect evening. When you get back in from the evening, you can just walk to any of the half a dozen great restaurants right there in Marina Village and enjoy a perfect meal.

Plan a long walk or hike on the beach or in the surrounding forest.  Our walk on the beach was perfect and we talked about the reasons we were together and our plans for the future.

Go out dining and dancing at any of the fun nightclubs in nearby Jaco Beach. Its easy to book a car and driver, or just ask for a taxi and you can walk to all the fun restaurants, bars and clubs in town. With so much to do, you can’t help but enjoy a fun-filled evening.

Try your luck at the local casinos. There are a few in nearby Jaco, such as the one at Crocs Casino & Resort,  and there one right in the resort at the Los Sueños Marriott.

Have a thrilling adventure together. White water river rafting or zip-line canopy tours are two perfect ways to get the adrenaline rushing and the team at HRG can book you on the perfect adventure tour.

You can rent a condo with an amazing gourmet kitchen and the team at HRG Properties and Rentals will pre-stock your refrigerator and pantry! Private cooking with no prep work! Did I mention that there is also a maid service to come in to clean up in the morning, if you like? No dishes on vacation!


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