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Proposal Los Sueños Costa Rica

A Dream Worthy Proposal in Los Sueños Costa Rica

Marry Me written on sandy beachSo you’ve decided to pop the question. Congratulations! With so many lush, romantic backdrops, Costa Rica is the perfect place to propose to your sweetie in a way that is beautiful and unforgettable.

Los Sueños Resort, alone, offers a number of unique, surprising, and delightful ways to ask this most important of all questions. We have a few ideas for the perfect time and place for your special moment.

After a Romantic Horseback Ride

Your concierge team at HRG can hook you up with Discovery Tours. Through Discovery, HRG can book you a private 3-hour horseback riding tour that winds through the rainforest and up a mountainside, and it ends at a hidden waterfall. This is a great place to propose, it’s private (except for the guides), it’s stunningly beautiful, and it’s one of the most romantic settings you can imagine.

At Sunset

Costa Rica’s sunsets make a glorious backdrop for a proposal, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy watching the sun set together in Los Sueños. Imagine a private sunset cruise, a bonfire on the beach, a private seaside dinner, or champagne on your private balcony.

On a Fishing Trip

Chartering a private fishing trip in Los Sueños is easy – there’s a whole marina of boats waiting for you. After a relaxing, yet exciting day of fishing, you can engineer a romantic proposal at sea. Just ask the team at HRG and they will hook you up.

During a private dinner for two

At Los Sueños, you have the option of arranging a fully stocked fridge. You can impress your sweetie by preparing a gourmet meal by candlelight, and then wow him or her by popping the question. Alternatively, Los Sueños will provide you with a personal chef, so the only thing you have to worry about is keeping track of the ring, and figuring out the best moment to propose.

At a Fantastic Restaurant

Los Sueños offers 6 different restaurants, including 5-star international cuisine options. These beautiful eateries are perfect for proposals. However, if you’d like to do something more low-key, you can take a trip into nearby Jaco Beach and find a small, cozy seaside restaurant with distinctive Costa Rican flair and flavor.

In the Rainforest Canopy

If you’re an adventurous couple, a zipline tour through the rainforest canopy may be just the venue for a proposal. Los Sueños offers one of the most popular canopy tours in Costa Rica, open to nearly all ages and abilities. While ziplining through the trees, you can stop on one of several elevated platforms and propose in the sky, surrounded by the dense foliage and tropical wildlife of the rainforest.

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