Property Management Los Sueños Costa Rica
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Property Management Los Sueños Costa Rica

Vacation Property Management in Los Sueños is Easy With HRG

Owning a vacation property in Los Sueños means owning your own piece of paradise.  It can also mean getting in on a profitable investment opportunity that offers minimal stress and a high ROI, thanks to the Hardy Real Estate Group, or HRG.

The charms of the Los Sueños Resort are almost endless. Set in Herradura Bay on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, the resort features a beautiful subtropical locale close to beaches, rainforests, and national parks. The weather is balmy and warm year round, and visitors can enjoy wildlife watching, swimming, water sports, and rainforest tours, as well as shopping, fine dining, and vibrant night life. Guests and owners of condos and villas at Los Sueños enjoy upscale, 5-star accommodations, with the feel of a private residence.

HRG makes it easy to invest in a Los Sueños condo or villa as a cash flow property.  Their second-to-none property management services allow property owners take a lot of the legwork and worry out of property maintenance, utilities, and emergency services.

For a small added investment HRG will handle just about any property need you have. Full-time concierge and customer service ensures that your tenants will have the complete 5-star experience. All of their needs will be met, 24/7, which means they’ll enjoy their stay and will look forward to coming back.

A full-time on-premises property manager gives you a personal contact – someone who can be your eyes and ears when you’re away, act on your behalf, and ensure that everything is running as it should.

HGA will take to stress out of keeping your bills up to date as well. They can handle your utilities, your HOA fees and your property insurance payments, allowing you to focus on other things.

To ensure that properties are up to snuff, HGA performs weekly inspections. They check for stains, mildew and leaks, secure all doors and windows, and make sure that all appliances are running smoothly. They also check all emergency systems and fire alarms. Maintenance and repair costs are taken from a deposit fronted by the property owner, making the process simple and streamlined.

HGA does more than just maintain Los Sueños properties – they market them as well, meaning higher interest, higher visibility, and fewer vacancies.

In short, HGA gives your guests the best in service, take the burden of day-to-day maintenance off your shoulders, and help keep occupancy high, giving you the best possible return on your investment, with little effort on your part.

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