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Off Shore World Fishing Championship In Costa Rica!

Rooster fishingBy Sharon Mora

From April 14th through the 19th it was the off shore world Championship hosted by Marina Pez Vela in Quepos- this event was the finale of the largest international offshore fishing series in the world.

This fishing tournament was very different from the tournaments we had here at Los Sueños Resort – in this tournament private boats couldn’t participate- just charter boats. It is incredible that this event gathered 80% of the entire charter fleet of Costa Rica.

This tournament hosted 67 teams from 31 different countries who earned the invitation to the event by winning one of the 120 qualified offshore tournaments held around the world. These teams dint represented their countries where they are form- they represented the country that held that tournament that they won.

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It was an offshore Billfish tournament so they could catch ( Marlins and Sailfish) and also Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo as well also every day each team had to change boats.

A good quantity of charter boats that base their operation in Los Sueños Marina participated in this event such as Tijereta with the famous Captain Bubba Carter, our good friend Dana Thomaz in Hoo´s your Daddy , the Maverick boats, as well Dragin Fly , Dream raiser boats and more….

As it was expected the crew of boats from Los Sueños did a great job and I want to give special congratulations to the crew on Epic lead by MJ ( Mike Aligood) who won the 1 place in crew award of this tournament.

They where a total 324 anglers that participated ,recording 821 billfish releases, including 811 sailfish, 9 blue marlins and 1 striped marlin.

Personally- I’m very happy that this type of events are held in Costa Rica, not only because I love this sport and also the opportunity we give so many anglers to reunite and come and enjoy our waters- but also and most important- that this sport has played a key role in the past years for my country by generating employment, better income for families as well as renowned name around the world.

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