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All About: Marlin Fishing


The best marlin fishing in the word is found in beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the top spots in the world for marlin fishing, and for good reason. Crystal clear, sapphire waters, beautifully appointed boats, good company and even better sport all make for the perfect fishing adventure off the coast of Los Sueños. With year round fishing opportunities, Costa Rica is a fisherman’s paradise.

What are marlin?

Marlin are large, edible billfish found in warm waters, and Blue marlina popular sport fish thanks to their strength, tenacity, and large size. Marlin can reach 16 feet and an astonishing 1,800 pounds, and can swim upwards of 50 miles per hour. Marlin have a long, spear-like bill and imposing dorsal fin, and are members of the billfish family (along with the swordfish and sailfish). A sport fisherman himself, the marlin is featured in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, the fish representing challenge and strength. These characteristics of the fish in the story hold true to life, and are often why people seek to challenge themselves with landing “the big one” today.

Types of fish

There are three main types of marlin to be found in the waters off Costa Rica: blue, black, and striped. The black species are best fished in April and May, while the striped marlin can be caught all year long. The general consensus is that December to April is the prime window for marlin fishing off the central and southern portions of the country.

Female marlin weigh four times as much as the male of the species, and, like other billfish, both male and female can rapidly change colors, though their main coloring is darker on top and silvery on the bottom. This coloring is a defense mechanism to help hide them from any predators below.


Sport fishing boatYour marlin fishing adventure will likely begin by chartering one of the many sport fishing boats that makes the Los Sueños Marina its home. Whatever type of outing you’re looking for, from half day to full day, you’ll find the perfect vessel to speed you on your way to thrilling marlin fishing. The boats available can accommodate any size party, and there are even some that include a personal chef to cook up the day’s catch.

Records and tournaments

The current record for the Blue Pacific Marlin stands at 1,376 pounds, and the Black Marlin at 1,560 pounds. In a span of just five months earlier this year, a sport boat off of the Los Sueños coast broke records by catching and releasing its 430th marlin.

While chances are you won’t be netting yourself a fish quite that size, fishermen regularly pull in marlin weighing from 300-600 pounds. If you’re a serious marlin fisherman, you may even want to check out one of the sport fishing tournaments that happen in the area, which combine the thrill of fishing with the chance to compete for big prizes.

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