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Making Memories and Recording Them in Los Sueños Costa Rica

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How to record your luxury vacation at Los Sueños Costa Rica

A luxury vacation at Los Sueños Resort and Marina is a trip to paradise that passes all too quickly. Once you get home, you’ll want to preserve those special moments. While travel journals and sketches are still popular with writers and artists, digital recordkeeping—photos, videos and audio—is likely more accessible for the rest of us. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner for two or the kids cavorting on the beach, you’ll want to capture those special memories.

Reserve your mobile phone for spur-of-the-moment selfie opportunities and rely instead on a digital camera. Even a modest camera produces better quality pictures and videos than your cell phone. If you’re a photography buff, you probably have specialized equipment for capturing quality images.

Use a travel journal or notebook to record the highlights or even the low points—you’ll laugh about them later. Jot down a note or two about whom you talked to, who took that picture of the two of you or to jog your memory about a great day trip, a fantastic meal or where you saw that fabulous waterfall. Consider taking along an inexpensive audio recorder to capture a spontaneous reaction. It will pay dividends when you get home again.

Be sure to save the whimsical bits and pieces you collect on your trip—ticket stubs, brochures, coins and the like. Tuck them away for the trip home because they’ll help you remember the little moments too: a walk on the beach or a hike through the rainforest.

Once you’re home, sift through the pictures, videos and recordings, choose the best and organize their order. There are several high- and low-tech ways to preserve your memories. If you have photography enhancing software, you can easily correct color, contrast, etc. Stashing videos and pictures on the hard drive is easy, but chances are you’ll forget the circumstances of the picture. If you’re ambitious, you can create a fancy scrapbook; if not, a cheap photo album and a few labels will remind you.

A shadow box can make a nice display of photos and those odds-and-ends you brought home. If you went digital, a digital picture frame could play a slideshow of your favorite pictures. For something special, consider creating a photo book: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Mixbook and even Costco offer standard and customized printed albums shipped to your door.

Those bits-and-bobs? and its parent company,, have a line of standard and custom video boxes. Store the trinkets in the box, when you lift the lid, the video plays inside the lid and you can see and feel the memories every time you open the box.

A Los Sueños vacation is a luxury dream in paradise—a bit of forethought and planning will keep the dream alive for years to come.


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