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How To Make Your Move To Costa Rica Easier

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Moving to Costa Rica Can be an Exciting New Phase if You Prepare Well for the Transition

Many of us these days are considering moving to another country. At the top of many lists about the best foreign destinations is Costa Rica. This is probably no surprise to a number of people, especially since it has ranked at the top of the happiest countries in the world. With wonderful warm and pleasant tropical weather all year round, this could be the perfect place to escape those harsh northern winters and relax, start a new business, or simply re-invent you. The following are some ways to make your move to Costa Rica easier.
Visit First:

You would think it goes without saying, but always take some trips down to Costa Rica ahead of making any permanent moving plans. The reasons for this are plentiful: you can actually see and experience the country (instead of just reading and looking at pictures!), scout out different areas and regions that might make a good future home, learn a bit about the local culture and customs.

Visiting Costa Rica ahead of time, and actually spending some significant time in-country will also give you a better picture of what you want to do with your future life. If you have plans for opening a business, consider this market research to see what ideas might have a good chance of working. On a more personal level, learn which areas or cities fit your lifestyle plan, budget, and ideas of how you want your future to be.
Start Learning Spanish Now:

While you can probably get by on your English and some very basic Spanish phrases, learning the local language will make your transition much easier. You will be seen as someone who actually wants to blend in and talking with your neighbors is always a nice thing to do.

Fluency will come later, but start now with at least some basic phrases. The good news is that it has never been easier to learn a second language. There are classes online, tape and CD courses, and even formal language classes. Additionally, make sure to continue your studies after arriving (maybe even consider hiring a private tutor).
Residency & Housing:

There are a number of residency options to consider with Costa Rica and you need to start planning now. No matter which category you opt for, make sure to bring all your documents with you. This includes birth certificates, criminal background checks, fingerprints, and much more. Consult with your nearest Costa Rican consulate or embassy and it is recommended that you hire a lawyer in Costa Rica that specializes in immigration law.

Many expats like the thought of living in the Herradura and Los Sueños area because it is at the beach, yet fairly close to the city at just a little over an hour down the Caldera Highway. Your real estate experts at HRG can find you the perfect home, whether it’s a long-term rental, a short-term rental while you look for the perfect spot, or a real estate acquisition.
Bottom Line:

While moving to Costa Rica can be a wonderfully filling adventure, always prepare first. Getting yourself ready by learning Spanish, visiting ahead of time, and focusing on preparing for residency and finding a home will help you to be ready. Costa Rica is not only a tranquil, happy place with wonderful weather, it is also a great place to start your next chapter.

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