Los Sueños Triple Crown
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Los Sueños Triple Crown Leg two

Los Sueños Triple Crown Leg 2 Report

costa-rica-2This year’s first-ever Los Sueños Triple Crown got off to a fantastic start, shattering records during the nail-biting days of Leg 1. Leg II proved to be just as thrilling, with a three-way tie on day one and a tight leaderboard on day three, where two boats battled it out for the win.

Day one ended with a total of 448 billfish for the day – 446 sailfish and 2 marlin. Day two ended with a total release of 311 sailfish and 1 marlin. All told, among the 39 teams that participated, 1055 sailfish and 5 marlin were released during the course of Leg II.

On day one, Team Galati, Enjoy and High Hook tied three ways, with 1900 points each. On day 2, Eternal Hook and Pescadora pulled ahead of the pack for the day, each ending up with 1500 points, while, XtaSea and Galati followed behind with 1400 points.

On day 3, Sea Angel took the lead with a cool 1700 points, followed by Nemesis with 1300 points. Team Galati, Enjoy and Eternal Summer ended up with 1200 points each.

Sea Angel’s second-day lead was not enough to carry it through to the finish. In the end, the team took 5th place with 3800 total points. At the end of the third day, Team Galati ended up in first place for Leg II with 4500 points and a total of 45 sail releases. Enjoy took second place with 4300 points and 43 sail releases, and High Hook took 3rd place with 4100 points, and a total of 41 sail releases.

Overall, with both legs combined, XtaSea is in the lead with a total of 11,500 points. Enjoy is in second place with 10,800 points and Sea Angel is in a close third with 10,600 points.

It remains to be seen whether XtaSea can hold on to their lead, or whether the quickly approaching Team Galati will overtake them in the end. Whatever happens, Leg III of the Los Sueños Tournament is sure to be an exciting three days!

The third and final leg of the tournament is coming soon – set your calendar (and book your flight) for March 12th through 15th. It will be fantastic to see who takes home the first ever Tournament crown. Besides, the weather is beautiful, the water’s warm, and there’s plenty to do and explore while you’re not following your favorite team.

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