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Los Sueños Triple Crown Begins Today

Anglers Are Off and Running for the Los Sueños Triple Crown

triple_crownExciting things are afoot at Los Sueños Marriott Resort! Starting today at around 6 AM, boats from the first-ever Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown event took off in pursuit of big game fish, kicking off the first leg of the three-part tournament. Each boat is manned by a team of sport fishing greats hoping to win this year’s cash prize — and perhaps more importantly — eternal bragging rights.

The Triple Crown is the fusion of two separate events, both of which have proven very successful over the years. The first event, the Signature Billfish Series, has run for 10 years, and each of which has seen hundreds of spectators from around the world arrive to be a part of the action. The second event, the Marlin Invitational, has offered spectators a thrilling view of a marlin hunt for five years.

The timing of this year’s event was carefully coordinated to bring the three tournament legs together during the peak of fishing season, making it as exciting and rewarding as possible, and to come after the holidays so that those who want to participate can do so without worrying about missing time with family.

Those staying at Los Sueños are the most fortunate; they get a front row seat to all the action, and a luxurious setting to retire to every evening. Plus, there’s a fleet of boats docked at the resort’s marina, waiting to take them out on a big game chase of their own if they so choose.

Big game fishing is one of Costa Rica’s most popular activities, and for good reason. Flanked on its northwestern side by the warm waters of the Caribbean and on its southwestern side by the Pacific Ocean, the country harbors untold species of fish, and practically teems with big billfish, including Pacific sailfish, Pacific marlin, yellowfin tuna, dolphin, and Wahoo. Not surprisingly, big game fishermen come from all over the world for fishing adventures like no other.

The Triple Crown tournament is a catch-and-release only competition, with catches verified by observers and releases verified by photo evidence. Scores will be based on the type of fish — sailfish releases will be awarded 100 points each, and all species of marlin will be awarded 500 points each.

Besides being a Los Sueños first, this year’s tournament promises additional thrills — the Signature Champion will received a guaranteed cash prize of $100,000.


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