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Los Sueños Fishing Report December 2013

Fishing Season is off to a great start in Los Sueños Resort & Marina

By Sharon Mora

Fishing report dec 26Captain Bubba Carter on board of the TIJERETA reported:

December 21: ‘’12 for 15 sails 2 nice Mahi Mahi slick calm 85 degrees’’

December 22:’’11 for 23 on sails 1 for 2 on big Mahi Mahi the kids did a great job, three future anglers’’

December 23: ‘’We had good luck seeing them good luck getting them to bite and bad luck hooking them but all in all good fishing we went 10 for 24 on sails and jumped off a 400 pound Marlin for young Carter Bunk today , but he did catch a nice dolphin for dinner and three sail fish him self’’

December 24’’ They caught 15 for 19 sails on a slick calm beautiful day.’’

Captain Dana Thomas on board of HOO’S YOUR DAADY reported:

December 16 ‘’ Great to be back doing what we do, 11 sails, 1 Dorado and a little blue marlin’’

December 24’’ Great day inshore, Gavin is our 9 year old angler’’

Captain Michael Alligood  reported

December 9 ‘’Fished offshore and caught 2 mahi and 5 for 8 on sailfish

David Finkelstein on board of the MISS BEHAVING reported:

December  22  15 sails and 1 blue marlin.

Everybody is having a great fishing vacation over this holiday season. As Captain Bubba Carter said, ‘’this season, is off to a great start’ ’the weather is amazing and the ocean is calm. We are all looking forward toward 2014!!!




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