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Los Sueños Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2015

Trolling fishing boat rod and golden saltwater reels

Great Fishing in April Out of Los Sueños Resort

I thought that after the fishing tournaments, fishing would slow down but the sailfish season in Los Sueños Costa Rica is still going strong; boats are returning to the marina and reporting 40  or more bites on a daily basis.

Here are some reports from the boats of Los Sueños Marina.

The one and only Bubba Carter reported on April 8, 51 Sailfish released on three days of fishing. On April 12, 2015 they reportedly released 12 sailfish.

On April 19 my friend Captain Lance Hightower, on board of the Done Deal, got 70 for 86 sailfish in just one day of fishing! I was lucky enough to get an invite the next day, and even though I did a lot (sancochos) we released around 50 sailfish.

On April 19 and April 20 HRG guest Jack Brittingham and his friends on board of Team Galati with Captain Brad Richards, got around 90 bites of Sailfish and released 51 in just two days of fishing. Jack said that this was the most incredible sailfish fishing he had ever experienced.

Captain Michael Alligood who runs and is the owner of the charter boat Epic, reported on April 20 close to 40 bites of sailfish and 26 released. The next day they got around the same amount of bites and they released 25 sailfish. As if that weren’t enough, they also got a bite of a nice blue marlin. On April 23 they released 14 sailfish including a triple and a couple of doubles, and on the 26th they release 16 sailfish for about 25 bites; they released 1 out of 3 blue marlin!

Marlin fishing has started, it seems, and it looks like we are in for an epic marlin fishing season this year.






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