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Location: an Important Factor in Los Sueños Resort Vacation Home Sales

Vacation Home Prices are Poised to Surge in Los Sueños Resort and Costa Rica Because of Location

Los Sueños Resort & Marina, and Costa Rica in general, are popular destinations for vacation home purchases among North Americans and locals alike.  Three of the most important factors for the success in second home sales are location, location, and location.

I have lived and worked in Los Sueños Resort my entire professional life, and after driving from Texas to Costa Rica in 1998, I have come to appreciate this wonderful paradise that I get to call home and, even more so, the perfect location that this tropical paradise has become.

Now that there are two International airports in Costa Rica, and the new San Jose- Caldera highway has been completed, the proximity to the best sports fishing and adventure tours in Costa Rica has made Los Sueños resort the ideal destination for second homeowners.

North Americans who visit their vacation homes from the states have just a short one-hour drive from the international airport and with daily flights from all major U.S. cities, Costa Rica is more convenient than ever.

Both International airports are just a short three-hour flight from Houston or Dallas, and about a two-hour flight from Miami.  American and Continental both have direct flights from JFK or Newark to San Jose airport and the flight time is just four hours.   Chicago just added a direct daily flight and virtually all other major US cities fly direct to Costa Rica, including Los Angeles at just less than 6 hours out.

Most people just don’t realize what an accessible location Costa Rica has become for North American travellers.  When I travel back to Texas to visit family, I can choose from five daily flights to Houston or Dallas, making it an easy option to take a long weekend and visit whenever I like.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our location is its proximity to San Jose and the Central Valley.  90% of Costa Rica’s 4.5 Million inhabitants live in the Central Valley and the recent completion of the Caldera Toll Road has turned Los Sueños Resort & Marina in to the most accessible luxury resort property in the Country.

North American expatriates and Costa Rican citizens have accounted for well over half of the second-home sales in Los Sueños since 2007, keeping the market and values at reasonable levels, even as less accessible areas of the country are struggling.

Homeowners in Los Sueños also benefit greatly from its closeness to some of the best tourist attractions in the Costa Rica.  Just minutes from the resort are some of the best surf locations in the world; some are for pros and others gentle enough that they are ideal for children to learn how to surf.  Finally, adventure tours such as the popular canopy zip line tours, monkey tours, river rafting, and most importantly, some of the most prolific sport fishing waters on the planet are more accessible here than anywhere in the country.  World record billfish catches have been recorded less than 20 miles from the Los Sueños Marina.

Yes, location, location, and location; three reasons why Los Sueños Property sales continue to be strong.




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