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Living in Los Sueños, Costa Rica- What To Expect

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Exciting adventures and a fascinating culture; expect this and more when you live in Los Sueños Resort

Whether you’re just thinking about buying property and making the big move to Los Sueños in Costa Rica, or your bags are packed and you’re on your way,  your curiosity is probably in overdrive wondering what you can expect once living here. From hiking and backpacking to nightlife and fabulous people, a new adventure awaits upon your arrival.


¡Pura vida!

Much like the Hawaiian “aloha,” pura vida is hello, goodbye, a way of giving thanks, or simply to express that “this is living!” The people of Costa Rica live up to this colloquialism in spades. Heavily influenced by the Spanish since their colonization of the Americas, Costa Ricans, or ticos, are known for their friendliness and hospitality. You’d be hard pressed to find a more cordial or welcoming people, and they’ll help you feel right at home in Los Sueños Resort.

Environment and Climate

Perhaps more than any other feature, Costa Rica is known for its lush jungles, towering volcanoes, and miles of beaches. You’ll find all of these and more minutes from your home in Los Sueños. There is no real winter or summer here, rather a rainy season and a dry season. Rainy season lasts from about June to November, and although the average rainfall is 100 inches, temperatures remain about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees, with typically sunny starts to the days. The wildlife in and around Los Sueños is something special to behold as well. You may find deer, coati, sloths, or monkeys in the jungles of the area, with colorful birds resting in the high trees.


Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, jungle expeditions or off-roading, Los Sueños is a hub for the intrepid explorer. With so many possibilities for adventure, you’ll hardly know where to start. Local expert fishermen captain ships waiting to take you on a deep sea voyage in search of the “big one.” Los Sueños even has its very own full-service, international marina on property.

Close by, numerous nature reserves and trails offer the perfect opportunities for day hiking expeditions, and Los Sueños Resort itself boasts a 600-acre rainforest reserve.

If blowing through the jungle on an ATV is more your style, you’ll find ample opportunities, as well as the chance to take try them out at the beach’s sandy dunes. However, if you prefer a more serene way to take in the sights, perhaps an afternoon spent on horseback, traversing the jungles and beaches before sitting down for an evening picnic is more your speed.


Nearby Los Sueños lies the beach town of Jaco, a hive of arts and entertainment. Dotting the main street, restaurants and bars serve all types of food and drink. When night falls the clubs open,  transforming the town into a fun and vibrant scene.

Jaco is also home to the Carara Biological Reserve, and the world famous Crocodile Man Tour.

Jaco is known for its surfing and surf competitions, which bring tourists and professionals alike to challenge the constant waves on its beaches. It also holds regular farmer’s markets, where you can sample exotic tropical fruits and vegetables, and even some regional baked goods and yogurts. Galleries and shops are full of beautiful art and local, handmade, crafts.

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