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Expat Living and Working in Costa Rica

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A freelancer’s paradise- Costa Rica is the perfect place to live and work

If you work freelance—whether as a writer, photographer, website developer, or in some other capacity—you have the luxury of living and working anywhere. Commute times or office environments do not bind you; all you need are the extremely portable skills and tools of your trade.

Imagine yourself living on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, perhaps Playa Hermosa (literally translated to, “Beautiful Beach” in English) or at some other fabulously beautiful and exotic location in Costa Rica where the rainforest meets the ocean. Now, imagine—courtesy of the wonders of modern technology—your client is in the United States, Spain, China, Israel, or Tim Buck Tu and you are having a real-time conversation about the project as you enjoy the view of the Los Sueños Marina from your deck. What’s not to love?

Freelancers select their own projects and set their own hours, working on what they choose, when they choose. That freedom of choice leaves plenty of time for a morning walk on the beach or afternoon hike into the rainforest—your downtime is spent living the good life, or pura vida (pure life) as the Ticos say.

So, what do you need to live and work in paradise? Well, clients for one, but as a freelancer you already have clients and know how to find others. You’ll also need dependable high-speed Internet access, plus the associated hardware and software to connect with your clients. You’ll probably also need access to an assortment of business support services and equipment: copiers or fax machines, accountant/CPA, banking and possibly legal advice.

Los Sueños Resort, a master planned community, has homes and condominiums for sale or rent to suit every taste. In nearby Herradura or Playa Hermosa, there are many affordable homes for sale or rent. The area has all the services and modern conveniences you need to work in beautiful surroundings, as well as to enjoy your leisure time. It’s the best of all possible worlds: beauty and utility.

In Costa Rica, people are friendly and laid-back, ready to enjoy life and relax, even as they work to support themselves. As a freelancer, you’ve already decided the hustle of the 9-to-5 rat race isn’t for you; you’ve chosen to control the type and quantity of work you do. If your needs are few and simple, if you want to live and work in a tropical paradise, then an ex pat’s life in Costa Rica may be the life for you. The staff at HRG can help you find your place in the sun.





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