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How to Get the Most Out of Your Retirement in Los Sueños Costa Rica

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Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica is the Perfect Place to Retire

The daily 9 to 5 is past you, and now it’s time to relish in the rewards of your years of hard work. The decision to buy property in Los Sueños Resort and enjoy your retirement years on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica may be one of the best decisions you’ve made in a lifetime.

Here is a list of ways you can get the most out of your retirement in Los Sueños, Costa Rica.

Have a positive attitude

Be positive about the changes retirement will bring, as well as the changes that come with living abroad in a foreign country.  While such a major changes can be challenging, they also create some wonderful new opportunities and experiences.

Continue your education

Learning doesn’t have to end when you retire. One of the great things about Los Sueños resort is its close proximity to modern civilization, amenities and services. You can take a course for free online through (among many others), download electronic books and audio books, or attend webinars and listen to podcasts. In addition to the massive opportunity for learning that comes with the World Wide Web, you can also take a local Spanish language course, yoga workshop, or permaculture class.

Happy is health, healthy is happy

One of the amazing things about living in Costa Rica is the access we have to fresh fruits and vegetables. Living in Los Sueños also allows for plenty of regular exercise and socializing with tennis courts, swimming pools, an 18-hole championship golf course, plenty of hiking trails near by, and private fitness clubs in every community.

Up the tempo

Ever wanted to learn the secrets of the samba? Dancing lessons are a great way to meet people and keep fit, and there are plenty of opportunities for private or group salsa lessons.


Don’t let all the skills you learned during your career go to waste. Lending your expertise and time to the community feels great, adds structure to your day, and benefits others too. Nearby Jaco has a very active animal rescue program, and there are a number of local schools and organizations you can get involved with. Teach English, rescue puppies, or clean up the beach; there is plenty to keep you busy!

Get your adventure on

Some of the most prolific sport fishing in the world is now right in your own back yard. Why not head on down to the marina, or for that matter just pick up the phone and dial the HRG concierge team, and charter a boat so you can get out there and hook the big one?

Express yourself

Pottery, painting and drawing are just some of the ways you can explore your creative side. Take a class or grab some supplies, pick a spot and create some art.

Do Yoga

Yoga is the key for some, meditation is all that for others. Join a class or start an activity that benefits your mind and body. The team at HRG can set you up with a personal instructor or you can join a class in the area.


Make the most of your retirement. You’ve worked hard and deserve to enjoy it. Think about activities and events you’ve always wanted to do and do them – there’s never been a better time or place when you retire in Los Sueños


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