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How to Furnish Your New Home in Costa Rica


Furnishing your new vacation home in Los Sueños, Costa Rica is easy

Adding color and life to your new home in Los Sueños is an exciting first step in enjoying your new  home or vacation digs in Costa Rica. Whether you prefer a touch of Old World charm, a bit of modern comfort, or authentic Costa Rican style, you’ll find a look that’s perfect for making your home beautiful, comfortable and functional for your specific needs. You have several options when it comes to furnishing and decorating your new home:

Shipping your own items

If you have great furniture and decorative items you don’t want to part with, you can have them shipped to Costa Rica. You will have to pay shipping fees and import taxes, but furniture, electronics and appliances – especially those made outside Costa Rica – can be very pricey when bought in Costa Rica. It may be worth your while to pay for a container and bring your favorite items over. You can always add some “Tico” touches with local art and decorative items.

Hiring an Interior Designer

It may seem simple, but furnishing a home and choosing the right paint colors and appliances for your needs can actually be a daunting and stressful process. Hiring an interior designer to help identify and meet your needs can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Local interior decorators will know what’s are available in the region, and will have access to vendors, suppliers, craftsman and laborers that you won’t necessarily have. They’re also trained to create beautiful homes, so you’re pretty much sure to get an ideal result, within your given budget.

Do It Yourself

You can, of course, go it alone. In the capital city of San Jose – about an hour’s drive from Los Sueños, you’ll find a number of design and furnishing stores, as well as places to shop for window treatments and flooring.

The Costa Rican equivalent of Home Depot, EPA, is located in San Jose. You’ll find everything from paint, to plumbing and lighting fixtures, to tile and wood flooring.

To add some great artisanal touches, you can head to nearby Jaco, where you’ll find handmade art, accessories, lamps, rugs and unique decorative items.

Finally, the little town of Sarchi, located not far at all from Los Sueños Resort, is a great place to go and have custom wood furnishings designed and built to fit your taste and needs.



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