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Getting Around Costa Rica During Your Vacation


Costa Rica may be a small country, but much of it is remote, and getting around still requires a little bit of planning. Fortunately, there are many ways to get from point A to point B, and most of them are very reliable. Your concierge team at HRG can help you with airport transfers to and from Los Sueños Resort and then, once at the resort, you can likely plan to walk or use a golf cart whenever headed for any activity in Los Sueños (and there is a LOT to do!). Just let us know you’ll need one and we’ll arrange for a rental with your condo or villa. Of course, off-site excursions and tours will require more robust transportation, so here are a few tips on getting around to see this beautiful country. Air Travel If you are pressed for time, or you are just would just rather avoid extensive ground travel, flying may be the way to go, as it is a quick, and relatively inexpensive way to cover a lot of ground. There are two domestic airlines in Costa Rica: Nature Air and Sansa. The HRG concierge team can help arrange your flights and transportation to the airfield. It is wise to make arrangements for flights in advance, as they can fill up, particularly during the dry season. Taxis Taxis run all over Costa Rica, even in remote areas. In San Jose, taxis are required by law to be metered, but in towns and rural areas, they can be hired by the hour, the half-day, or the entire trip, and rates are often negotiable.  The main advantage to taxi services is the fact that you have your own driver, who knows how to navigate Costa Rican roads and traffic, and can free you up to simply gaze out the window at the landscape. The downside (or another upside, depending on how adventurous you are) to taxis is the fact that the farther outside of the city you get, the looser the definition of “taxi service” becomes. In more rural areas, an entire town may have only a single car that it rents out, or you may be referred to a couple of guys who are known for giving people rides. The taxi itself may be anything from your standard cab, to a rusted-out beater with no proper seatbelts. In remote areas, 4-wheel drive taxis can take you through the rainforest, over the beach, and across mountainous terrain. Rental Car Visitors to Costa Rica can easily rent a car. Nearly every major car rental company is represented in the country, including Alamo, Hertz, Budget, and Thrifty. In fact, there is a rental car office right in the Los Sueños Marina Village. Renting a car is affordable, convenient, and gives you the freedom to explore on your own terms, on your own time. Gas in Costa Rica is cheap, and, while parts of the country are remote, GPS systems are available to rent. In addition, there are typically friendly Costa Ricans around to point you in the right direction. There are downsides to renting a car. The roads in Costa Rica can be rough and rife with potholes – even in well-paved cities. Due to dramatic and sudden rainfall, more rural areas can have roads that are impassible or washed out completely. If you do rent a car, make sure that you have all necessary paperwork, and that you secure a reservation in advance — especially during the dry season, which is the most popular time to visit. Car and Driver Finally, you can always arrange for a car and driver through the HRG concierge team. The great thing about having a car and driver, is that your driver often doubles as a guide and can tell you all about the local scenery and take you to the best places, some of which only the locals know about.

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