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Fishing Report May 1, 2014

Fishing Report for the Last Weeks of April

by Sharon Mora 

one-of-the-member-of-the-crew-of-TijeretaHere are the fishing reports for the last two weeks of April:

April 18,

The crew of TUNA TIME reported 21 Sailfish, 1 Blue Marlin, and 29 Yellow fin Tuna.

DREAM MARKER reported 14 Sailfish and 11 Yellow fin Tuna.

DREAMS released 4 Sailfish, 1 Blue Marlin, and 8 Tuna.

SWEET DREAM reported 3 Sailfish and 10 Tuna.

April 19

Capt Bubba Carter on board of The TIJERETA reported10 for 16 on the sails and 1 for 1 on Blue Marlin.

Apil 21

WETT RYDER released 10 Sailfish.

Capt Bubba Carter reported 13 for 26 sails.

April 22

TIJERETA released 12 Sailfish.

DREAM MAKER released 6 Sailfish and got 1 MAHI MAHI.

April 23

Captain Bubba Carter on board of his boat TIJERETA reported 28 for 40 Sailfish.

DREAM MAKER  released 15 Sailfish for the day.

LOS SUENOS reported 13 SAILFISH released and 1 Mahi Mah for dinner!

April 26

Captain Bubba Carter reported 14 for 22 Sailfish and 2 Mahi Mahi.

LOS SUENOS reported 8 Sailfish were released.

DREAM MAKER also reported 8 Sailfish released.

Captain Rudy, on board of SWEET  DREAMS, reported  5 Sailfish.


April 28

Captain Manuel, on board of WETT RYDER, reported 7 Sailfish released.

Captain Rudy, on board of SWEET DREAMS, released 5 Sailfish.

Finally, April 28 was a very special date for Captain Bubba Carter and his crew, on board of TIJERETA, as they released 12 Sailfish that day, for a total of 1,600 billfish released in 119 days of fishing; reporting since November 21, 2013.

Whoa!!! Now that’s pretty impressive.




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