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Fishing Report Los Sueños February 2014

Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Costa Rica Fishing Report February 15, 2014

As reported by Bubba’s Costa Rica Fishing Report

fishing_LSRM_FebFeb 2

A group released 16 Sailfish out of 21 bites, and kept 2 Mahi for dinner. Seas have been absolutely FLAT calm, and cloudless skies  with temperatures in the upper 80s.

Feb 3

The offshore crew started the day off finding free floating platform FAD loaded with Wahoos all by themselves;  they kept 15 hoos and left them biting. Then caught a 40 pound Mahi shortly after, they moved out a little further to release 14 Sailfish including a couple doubles, one triple and a bunch of singles.

Feb 4

One crew fished offshore, releasing 8 Sails and keeping 3 Dorados.

Feb 5

A beautiful day for fishing offshore, with one group releasing 14 Sails, keeping 2 Dorados for dinner, and missing a blue Marlin. Conditions were flat, calm and sunny.

Feb 8

The bite continues here, one group released 20 Sailfish today.

Feb 9

After an incredibly slow morning where the crew only saw (and missed) one Sail and one blue Marlin, they finally caught up later in the day, and released 11 Sails for 15 bites, and one unintentional boat side Mahi release, in an hour and a half.

Feb 10

A group went fishing offshore releasing 12 Sails for 20 something bites, and a Mahi for dinner, they also got up close with a pair of humpback whales on the way back in.

Feb 11

A group went inshore today releasing 5 nice Roosterfish.

Feb 12


A crew fished offshore releasing 10 for about 20 bites, plus a Mahi for dinner, and missed a Marlin on the long rigger. A lot of flat line and teaser bites up close; it was a fun day!

Feb 13

A group fished offshore releasing 11 for about 20 bites, kind of slow day long periods of not seeing fish, released 4 doubles.






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