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Fishing Report Early January 2015


Los Sueños Resort & Marina Fishing Report- January 15, 2015

By Sharon Mora


Los Sueños Marina started off this season with some of the best fishing we have ever seen in December with incredible numbers on sailfish and marlin. Charter boats were reporting release numbers of sails and marlin at upwards of 20 per day per boat.


The bit continued through mid December and the holidays, as there were some record numbers posted by several boats.


Brooks Smith, owner of UNO MAS, released 72 sailfish and 1 marlin on December 27 and finished up with 211 sails an 4 marlin releases in 6 days of fishing. It looks as though Brooks’ team is primed up for the first tournament, coming soon at the end of January.


SEA ANGEL had some great days, as well, and I was lucky enough to get out for a day with my girlfriends…. we had an epic day of fishing, raising 30 sails and releasing a total of 18. It was a fun day as our captain BC Angel let us hook our own fish, which is always fun.


The day prior, BC and his Dad took his buddies fishing, and they released 24 sails and a 300 pound Blue Marlin. In 6 days of fishing SEA ANGEL released a total of 134 sailfish and 3 marlins.


Captain Bubba Carter reported 40 plus sailfish bite day on December 31 on board of his charter boat the TIJERETA, as well.


HOO’S YOUR DADDY released a total of 18 Sailfish last week, as well as 1 dorado.


HIGH HOOK reported 32 for 51 bites, which I think is just amazing!


We are excited about another great year of fishing and look forward to an awesome tournament season.


The tournament season is nearly here, and we are looking forward to the Los Sueños Triple Crown Billfish Series, coming up on the following dates:


 I leg January 21-24

II leg February 25-28

III leg March 25-28






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