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Fee Simple Title in Costa Rica


Property ownership is made easy for foreigners  in Costa Rica


By nature of the Costa Rican National Registry of properties your rights to own property as a foreigner are the same as a local.  Deeded fee simple title can be obtained in Costa Rica when purchasing virtually any property that is outside of any government concession.  As opposed to other countries such as Mexico and the Bahamas, ownership rights are clearly and legally defined and allow for anyone to hold clear title and ownership.  

There are title companies which operate in Costa Rica and can provide a guaranty to your title however there is no need for that as long as you have a Costa Rican attorney conduct a registry check through the national registration of properties.  You obtain the basic registry report online which will show any existing liens or annotations. 

In some cases such as raw land purchases it is recommended that the buyer send their attorney to the National Registry to make a detailed study of the history of each transaction.  Foreigners and locals may take ownership to properties in their own name or in the name of a Costa Rican LLC or Company in order to facilitate privacy and partnerships.

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